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Two warnings for spoilers now... Read on at your own risk.
So, with Dressrosa officially over and the Straw Hats, plus Law on their way to Zou to meet up with Nami, Brook, Sanji, and Chopper... The new bounties have been released in the anime!! This was super exciting for me as I was waiting forever to see their reactions animated!! Now, my only concern being..... Are they going to have to put the anime on pause, same as Fairytail did?? Because in my opinion, the anime is getting awfully close to the manga now that the crew is on their way to Zou Island. Yes, there are a few fillers coming up in preparations for the new movie, One Piece Film Gold but I still feel the anime is moving too fast in terms of catching up to the manga. I'd love to hear your thoughts nakama! (:
Yes! Franky was. I can't remember Chopper's reaction unfortunately.. It's been so long. Lmao @DevilsSon
chopper will be to
lol franky was pissed
You'll find out about Sanji's before too long. @DevilsSon
i dont read the manga but the only crew members that dont know there bounties in the anime are chopper, brook, sanji, and nami so idk either @KurosakiJess
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