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Spell it with Anime!
I just thought of a fun new Game/Challenge! Thanks to @Neevp (check out her card!) I had a little Fun and commented on her card and thought of writing our something while naming 10 Anime's. I wrote 10 Anime's that spelled out Fabulous Me xD I thought it was fun and maybe you guys will too!


- It has to be Anime's doesn't matter old or new as long as it's anime! - So that the comments wont be super long xD limit of Anime's are 15 - Please no mean or words or dirty ones too lol I want this to be safe fun game


Person with the most likes is the winner!

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@AichaBangoura Witch Hunter Robin Haiku! Ouran High School Host Club Danganronpa One Piece Erased Sword Art Online Nagi no Asukara ' Trinity Seven
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@AichaBangoura Love Live One Punch Lupin the Third
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Nyan Koi Azumanga Daioh Lucky Star Un-Go Fruits Basket Otome Youkai Zakuro Red Data Girl Elemental Gelade Vampire Knight Elfen Lied Ranma 1/2 ❤️
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@desireesowah143 OHSHC My little Monster Gurren Lagann Yamada & The 7 Witches Assassination Classroom Soul Eater Sword Art Online Seven Deadly Sins
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