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"OH MY GOSH...... It's BTS!" Megan screamed. I covered my ears since she was right in my ear. When I realized what she said I scanned the guys and sure enough there was the guy I met just a few minutes ago. "HI everyone!" One of the guys spoke in English and all the girls said hi back but they called him Rap Monster? That's what his name really was? "What are you boys doing here?" said the tour guide. "Well one of our guys said he wanted to meet the tour group today.... So we all thought that it would be fun." Rap monster said "Oh" was all she said and then they walked right to the group. I smiled when Jungkook looked at me. No way was he not part of this popular group. It made sense he was very I already said this but it still didn't seem like I could say it enough. They started signing papers for the group and Megan was just staring at them in awe. "Psst." I whispered to get Megan's attention. It didn't really work. One of the guys was already at her signing something for her. Oh well I'll wait. I looked up to see that Jungkook was right in front of me smiling. "Hello again Sarah." "Hi Jeon Jungkook." "Just call me Jungkook from now on ok." "Ok. So did you do this?" I whispered "Yea I figured this would be something you couldn't forget plus your friend would really like it more than you am I right?" He whispered "Thank you that's really nice of you." "And you have nothing for me to sign..." He then asked the tour guide to get him something to sign for me. When she ran off I looked towards my friend who was still staring at the guy in front of her, she was at least speaking with him which was better than nothing. The tour guide came back with a picture of the group. Jungkook took it from her and he signed it. "This is very odd for me but..." he looked down and it looked like he was blushing. Then he started whispering to me... "Can I have your number?" I was taken back for a second, I had two options on this give him my number or don't. "Look your very attractive, I am really honored you want that from me but, I don't think that would be smart. Since you are this popular Kpop artist and I'm just a nobody from America." I felt a little bad rejecting him. I mean I would have loved to just do what he asked but my head was the one who won in the end. He wasn't as lively as he was after I said that. "Oh that makes sense" he said and just handed me the card. "Bye Sarah" Ouch...I didn't think he'd give up so fast. "Bye Jungkook." After that I just had the rest of the guys sign my picture. The weird thing was every time someone came over they said to me "So your Sarah" I guess Jungkook had to tell them about the one girl who has no clue who they are... or were since now I know they are a popular Kpop group called BTS. Finally they left and everyone waved goodbye to them. Then the tour was over. We went back to the hotel. I was still a little shocked at the fact that he had asked for my number, I never had that experience before, it threw me off. I feel like I answered it correctly though. It made sense to me. He's famous I'm not there is nothing that can come from it, nothing at all. Friendship was way out of the question as well. "Oh my I can't believe I got to talk to them! I got to meet my bias J-hope! They all are so handsome up close." Megan was saying as we were walking back to the hotel. I was just silent. I was still in my head.... Why would someone like him even look at me in that light? "Sarah..... SARAH!" I snapped out of my head "What's up?" "Are you okay? You have been acting really weird since we left BIG HIT Entertainment." "I'm good I think I'm just worn out." "Oh yea that reminds me so who was the one you talked to?" "Um all of them same as you." I stated trying not to think any farther. "Oh come on Sarah the one you were going to tell me about then they walked in the room." Crap she remembered. I just answered it quickly. "Jungkook" "OMO!!! Sarah he is sooooo cute!! He's the Maknae of the group. He is the Golden Maknae actually, he is good at everything!" "Oh cool" Why was I feeling this way..... it had to be since this was the first time EVER that a guy showed interest in me and asked for my number. I was always the one chasing the guys who never cared about me, they just wanted to get closer to a friend of mine. Yea that's why I'm over thinking this..... "Hey Megan can you teach me a bit about BTS?" I asked and saw her face light up "FINALLY!!!" Alright let's start with names. Well you already know Jungkook aka Kookie. Then there is V, Jimin, J-Hope, Rap Monster, Suga, and Jin. They all are amazing separate but amazingly perfect together." She said showing me each of them on the picture I had of them. For the next several minutes Megan talked about BTS. I wasn't going to be able to remember everything but at least now I had an idea about BTS. Jungkooks POV: She was right. We couldn't be friends could we? We couldn't be more either? Wait what am I thinking I don't want to be in a relationship anyways. I just wanted to be her friend. I'm famous she's not it wouldn't work out...even if I did want to date her our contracts state no dating. I'll just forget about her...... I can't believe I asked her for her number and she turned me down! I never ask for numbers! I tried and tried to get her out of my head but it didn't work. She stayed there.....
So there's another here's a little side note. This was my first fanfic I started writing. After I heard lost stars by Jungkook I had to write and this came out of it. I am re editing it a bit but I just wanted to share that. I almost forgot this was my first one. Sooo how do you like it so far?
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I love it, it's very interesting. My sister and I both call Jungkook Kookie.
Keep going!!!! It's good!!!!
Aww I like this, its cute. Poor Kookie got shot down, poor baby!
I have got do much to catch up on... *hand DND SIGN* "SHHHH IM READING! YEAH YEAH BATHROOM AND FOOD!"
tag me please❤
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