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Thank you for the helpful comment! We are rather new to this network though I believe there is a way you can follow specific people! Just go to your profile stats and you'll see how many followers you have!
I'll definitely follow :) You should make some collections specific to the things you'll be posting!!! That way people can follow that collection & make sure they see anything. I don't think it's actually possible to follow a specific person on here, but we can follow your collectios if you let us know which ones!! :D looking forward to it~~
@KusadaSakanami Ahhh awesome!! I'll follow them heh e><
I see well I just made new collections for certain subjects as you said but thank you for the information!
@KusadaSakanami I've been on here quite a while, but it's my understanding that that number just totals up your followers from all your collections :) I have tried many times to follow specific people, but can't find a way. Only found ways to follow their collections!! hahaha. Let me know if you find a way, though~