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Since Jessica Jones airs on Netflix, showrunner Melissa Rosenberg had a lot more latitude than Marvel television series and movies that are constricted to PG-13 parameters. However, there were a few things Marvel wouldn't allow. "No F-bombs," Rosenberg said during The Hollywood Reporter's annual Drama Showrunner Roundtable. "And If anyone was going to say "F--k," it would be Jessica Jones. Sometimes I was just like, 'Please, just let me put one.' And... never. But, what's funny is people have said, 'She didn't say f--k? I could have sworn she did.' That's 'cause Ritter can deliver "f--k" with her face. Her look says it. She could be saying "potato." And the other thing is, there's sex to some degree that wasn't really any nudity. But then people are saying, 'There was no nudity? Wait a minute, that was really graphic sex.'" She added, "It was all about the attitude, how its shot, how its acted with raw lust." -comicbooks . net
This actually pisses me off. The main reason why I loved the shows on Netflix is because they gave the raw adult feeling.... Grrr