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Im so happy to of joined this community. I have discussions on anime and manga in which I never thought I would of had with people.
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@KatieSaldivar you have to actually find 100% Otakus, im getting close im at 98%
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Yes!! I love this place just because of that, too. Even though my friends like anime we watch different things so its reat bc you can find people who like the anime you like hre!!
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@hikaymm yeah exactly!
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I know what you mean this place is great no hate and every one is super welcoming
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When ever I went over to my grandma's house I would force her to put on Spirited Away when I was little and I would stay for a day and we would have watched it over 20 times. No joke. She finally deleted it from her recordings. I through a fit for a week. 馃槅
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