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I'm back again to share some tips on summer hair care for swimmer. The biggest problem for swimmer is to protect their hair from chlorine and sun damage.

The Five Rules to Keep:

1. Use a Leave in conditioner: Creative a moisture barrier on your hair before you swim.
2. UV protection: Protect your hair from sun damage.
3. Use an anti-chlorine swim cap.
4. Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner.
5. Conquer swimmer's hair tangles with detangling spray.

Coconut oil is the best leave in conditioner.

Suitable for all hair type.
You can use it alone or make your own conditioner spray for detangling.
Recipe: 3 tbsp organic coconut oil
spray bottle
There is no right or wrong ratio. It all comes down to your preference but make sure to always have more water than coconut oil. You don't want a clogged nozzle.
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