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If you can choose to live the life of a leading actress, who would it be?

1. Character: Pi Ya Nuo

Drama: Bromance
Due to a fortune-teller's superstition you have to live your life as a boy until your 26th birthday. Living as a boy never bothered because you try to keep distance from people. One day, you accidentally helped out Du Zi Feng (a triad leader) and his sister, and became his "sworn brother" and best friend. Through the friendship you developed romantic feelings for Zi Feng but is hesitant to confess until you return to your female self.

2. Character: Lin Chu Man

Drama: Material Queen
You are a successful model who only strives for one thing, being a millionaire. The only boyfriend credential you look like is if he's rich. One day, you met Cai Jia Hao and thought you found your Mr. Right but it turns out he's a hired body double for a billionaire. Immediately after you broke up him, karma finds you. You lost your modeling job to a younger model, got dumped by your rich lover, and end up with a roommate (your ex bf). As you got closer to Jia Hao, your desire of being a millionaire diminish.

3. Character: Xia Le Di

Drama: I Love You So Much
Your are self-absorbed socialite who went penniless after her father's bankruptcy. You believe this unfortunate event is related to the competitor company, JEALOUS. You went undercover and worked as an assistant for the beauty company and entangled yourself in a relationship with Chang Yu Jie (heartless operation manager/lead makeup artist) and his half brother Chang Shao Feng.

4. Character : Tang Jia Ni

Drama: The Way We Were
Your college boyfriend cheated on you you decided to team up with your neighbor and schoolmate, Fan Wei De to revenge your ex. Your friendships with Fang Wei De were on the verge of becoming a romantic relationship but this all changed after an earthquake. Your long time best friend, Jun Jie saves you and out of obligation and compassion you marry him. A couple years later, fate brings you and Wei De together at a company meeting. However, timing prevents the both of you to confess your true feelings.
As much as I loved Bromance and haven't watched any of the other ones. Material Queen sounds very interesting, living with an Ex. A spark with start up again, I'm assuming. Plus she's a model!
@JamiMilsap Glad you found a few interesting! Lol I was trying to find interesting ways to describe the drama with characters. :)
Pi Ya Nuo! That show was one of the greatest and I already have the hair and style of a boy! xD
I would choose Pi Ya Nuo. The others sound interesting, but I've watched Bromance and I love the chemistry between Ya Nuo and Zi Feng 馃槉
I've only seen one of these, but they all look great - that's the trouble with these dramas, for everyone you watch there are 10 more waiting...aaaaagh! As for these characters, I wouldn't want to live any of their lives, it's just better to be entertained by them. 馃槈
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