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So sometimes when I make a card on here, something happens and I lose the progress I have on the card and have to start all over. I was wondering if anyone knows a way where I can keep my progress on a card I'm making so I can just continue from where I left off, or if I'm screwed and just have to make the card over again. Thank you!!
@AmberRelynn @Izzy987 @kpopandkimchi Thank you guys for helping!!! <3
@kpopandkimchi I only use the app when I do quick cards like this one. I use the online version most of the time. I was making a card today and something happened with my computer, and I couldn't find where it was. I thought I had to start all over. But I found my drafts so now everything's okay :)
If you use ur laptop and u click cards. If you look it says drafts and all the cards will be there
@PrincessUnicorn also thanks! I accidentally tagged myself instead of you. Thank you!!
Yeah thats why I try to make all my cards on web cause it autosaves :( does your app crash or something!? :(
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