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So @kpopandkimchi just made a post asking others if they were able to write their names with idols, idol groups, and/or songs. I've always loved this and felt like making mine into a card since I love to go overboard. So here's my name and username in all three - idols, groups, and song names haha
B - B:eta (alphabat) R - Ravi (VIXX) I - IU O - Onew (SHINee) N - N (VIXX) N - Narsha (After School) A - Ailee B - Bangtan Boys R - Rania I - Infinite O - Orange Caramel N - Nine Muses N - Nu'est A - Alphabat B - Borders (Amber) R - Rock (Seventeen) I - I'm Ill (Hello Venus) O - One More Day (Chocolat) N - No More Perfume On You (Teen Top) N - Number 9 (T-Ara) A - Anniversary (Topp Dogg)
B - Bumkey W - Wonho (Monsta X) O - Outsider L - Leehi F - Fei (Miss A) G - G.NA I - [Seo] Inguk R - Rap Monster (Bangtan Boys) L - Lee Michelle B - Boys Republic W - Wonder Girls O - Oh My Girl L - Loco F - Fiestar G - Got7 I - Ikon R - Red Velvet L - Lovelyz B - Better (Aziatix) W - Watch Out (Hotshot) O - Oh My Gosh (Alphabat) L - Like Money (Wonder Girls) F - Freakin Shoes (Mamamoo) G - Galaxy (Akdong Musician) I - I Can Sing (Lee Michelle) R - Rain Sound (BAP) L - Lonely (B1A4)
Please forgive any spelling errors, as wel as those wrong with the layout. This was done from my phone while I'm suffering extreme pain, so it was a task just doing this. I definitely recommend others do this! It's tons of fun. Obviously there's no need to do it to my extent. Hope you enjoyed my random pic spam. Have a wonderful day, night, and week (:
@kpopandkimchi like I said, I tend to go overboard. that's why I made a card instead of just commenting on yours. I don't think all of that would have fit anyway lol