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Where's The Weirdest Place You've Ever 'Used The Bathroom'?

Welcome, everyone, to Too Much Tuesdays!

It's the weekly Funny Community game that gets us all feeling a little bit closer - by sharing pretty awkward or disgusting stories about ourselves!

Do you DARE to answer this Tuesday's question?

Today's TMT: Where's the weirdest place you've ever 'used the bathroom'?

It could be on the side of a road. It could be behind a bar. It could even be in an actual toilet - but in a really, really random location. The average person uses the bathroom 4 - 7 times a day. Chances are you've been around!
My answer: When my friends and I were roadtripping to Coachella, I really, really had to go to the bathroom, but we were driving through the desert, so there was literally on place to go. Needless to say, we had to pull over, and my friends blasted Elvis Presley's "Suspicious Minds" out of the car speakers so I wouldn't feel embarrassed or awkward while I did my thing. That's what friends are for, right?

Now it's your turn: CONFESS!

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you don't want to know
a year agoReply
Everyone seems to be going back to their childhood and I'm over here thinking..."Well there was that one time when I was really drunk..." 馃槄馃嵒馃嵐馃毥
a year agoReply
@AreliOlivares doorways of side bldgs, closed businesses, and back alleys don't count
a year agoReply
@danidee i was just in an abandoned factory but the plumbing somehow worked so i took a leak
a year agoReply
a few years ago I'm coming home from work and I'm dropped off at the entrance of my apartment complex, my place is 2 min from where I got dropped off. so as I'm walking my gut starts rumbling and having me let out alot if gas which is the main sign that i need to use the bathroom. the only places that hav toilets other than my place is the laundry room and the gym. i hadn't even made it to the first laundry room before something wanted to pop out. i went behind one of the maintenance building and did my thing while looking out for witnesses, which there were none. praise the sun
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