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'Rugrats' was one of those cartoons that was pretty damn adult for being a kids' TV show. There were a lot of life lessons, and the theme of inevitably growing up seemed to constantly rear its head into the show's main plots.
Fast forward to 12(!!!) years since the last episode aired, and now I'm a cranky adult with all sorts of 'sponserberleries'.

Who else grew up on 'Rugrats'? What was your favorite character? Or if you didn't have one, maybe a favorite episode?

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Chuckie? maybe? For some strange reason I was attached to him
@TonyTonyChopper Bahaha, he's really really an endearing personality.
@danidee YEEEESSSS
@danidee they started their love line but cancelled the show before they actually did anything with it
@LmJSuper NOOOOOOOOOO What a tease!