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You were all eating and chatting. Your phone beeped and you checked seeing you had a message from Jimin. You still had him as "My other half" You never changed it because you never even thought of it. You read the message in your head *Meet me outside after dinner* Wth..? You said under your breath. ''What? Is everything ok?'' Namjoon said grabbing your hand and looking at you. ''Yea, I just bit on something hard once I took a bite" You said and pecked him on the cheek and smiled. Jimin clenched his jaw seeing you two kiss. Namjoon smiled and finished eating. You and Namjoon told everyone one you were going on a walk in the park and they all said ok and started eating again.
Namjoon held your hand as you walked together in the park. He couldn't keep his eyes off you. He was so happy that you were his. He loved you so much he couldn't even handle it. He saw how Jimin got jealous when you kissed his cheek he was glad. You didn't deserve what he put you threw. You deserved better. That's why he asked you out that day. "Jagiya, Do you want to go to my house and watch some movies?'' You said looking up to Namjoon. "S-Sure'' He said smiling. He texted the guys telling them that You and him are going to your house to watch movies. You both started heading to the house once you got a phone call from Jimin. You answered and put him on speaker so Namjoon could hear what he says. ''y/n what the fuck?! I told you to meet me later but you end up going to your house to watch so called movies when you are probably just going to fuck each other?!'' He yelled at you over the phone. ''Jimin calm down I'm not your territory anymore so back off. We could be watch movies but you fucked girls behind me back so its not my fault that your pissed. Namjoon and I are in a better relationship than we would ever be in.'' You said squeezing your fist together in anger. Namjoon rubbed your back trying to calm you down so you don't scream at Jimin. "Wow Y/N I tell you I am going to change but you don't even give a fuck'' Jimin said not yelling anymore. "Jimin I do care, and I am glad you are changing for me but I am scared to give you another chance. I love Namjoon and I don't want to see him hurt because of me. I have to go Jimin." You said and hung up. Namjoon smiled at you and kept his hand around your waist as you walked towards your house. You unlocked the door and let Namjoon in and you turned on the Netflix and made some popcorn and drinks for you both. You turned the lights off but kept a lap on. You snuggled with Namjoon and sighed happily. ''What kind of movie do you want to watch?" You asked Namjoon . "Scary?" He said. "Sounds good!'' You turned on a movie and moved closer to him.
***Almost over with the movie***
You screamed as the scary person jumped at the screen. Namjoon was holding the bowl of popcorn in front of his face and jumped a little when you screamed. Once you moved you big sweater moved down off your shoulder exposing your collarbone. Namjoon looked and blushed. You noticed and moved it up and blushed as you looked at Namjoon catching him staring at you. You kissed him and wrapped your arms around his neck. "W-what about the movie?" He said as you pulled back to take a breath. "We can always watch it again'' You said looking from the movie back to him. He kissed you back and layed you down on the couch. You smiled as he started kissing your neck leaving his mark. His hands made their way up your sweater pulling it off your head. You didn't wear a bra because your sweater was so baggy you couldn't even tell. He smirked and looked at your red face as he examined your hour glass body. He left his mark all the down to your bellybutton. You stopped him and got up and told him to lay down. You took his shirt off and kissed his neck your hands rubbing against his hard member. He moaned as you rubbed against your mouth sucking on his skin all over his neck and chest. You pulled his pants off and threw them to the ground. His member was showing threw his undies. You looked at him as you slowly pulled down his underwear. You finally got finished taking them off and you slowly moved closer to it. Your hot breath hitting it. You spit into your hand and moved up and down his member causing him to moan loudly. You put his member in your mouth as far as you could and started bopping your head. Your hand moving up and down where your mouth couldn't reach.
You swallowed and went to kiss him then he flipped you and moved his head down to your women hood. His breath hitting it. You held your breath as he begin to lick and suck. You moaned loudly you were pretty sure your neighbors could hear you. You reached your climax and he swallowed your liquid. He kissed you and stuck two fingers in you. You gasped and he put his tongue into your mouth winning the fight with yours. He stuck a third finger in and moved them in and out. After a while he took them out and licked his fingers clean and angled himself at your entrance. He entered you slowly and bit his lip he lifted your leg and put it on his shoulder. You moaned even louder than before as he hit your g-spot over and over again. He thrust into you faster and harder. You screamed his name as he gripped onto your hips that would sure enough leave marks. You arched your back and moaned again saying his name as he hit your spot again. His thrust got more slower as you both started to reach your max. He hit your spot a couple more times. You reached your climax and he did to his white liquid releasing inside of you. He pulled out and layed down by you wrapping his arm around your waist. You smiled and kissed his cheek. ''I quess Jimin was right we were just going to fuck each other" You said and giggled a bit. You went to take a shower and Namjoon joined. After your shower you both fell asleep in each others arms.
You smiled as you looked at Namjoons sleeping figure. You got and made sure not to wake him up and you got dressed you looked at the marks on your neck and didn't even bother to cover them up. You smiled even bigger looking at him looking at you. "Morning babe" You said and ruffled his hair and kissed him. "Morning Jagiya" He kissed you back and got up to get dressed. He had some clothes over here so he changed into those. You went to go make breakfast for you both.
***After you both eat breakfast and wash the dishes and put everything up***
You grabbed his hand and started walking him back to the dorm. Everyone looking at the marks on your neck. His shirt collar covered his so he was good. You reached the dorms and entered together. Everyone was there expect for Jimin he was probably in his room still asleep. Everyone smirked at Namjoon knowing what happened by the evidence on your neck and his neck. "Seems like yall had a nice night." J-hope said and laughed. Everyone else started laughing loudly causing Jimin to walk out. He glared at Namjoon as he saw the marks on your neck. Namjoon smirked at Jimin.
Everyone went to the store expect for you Namjoon and Jimin.
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