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Who: Reader X Zhang Yixing (Lay) What: Fluffy ending with a hint of mature content. Chapter: 9 Storyline: After Lay suddenly collapses from exhaustion, you make it your duty to make sure he gets some well deserved rest before he goes back to work
Y/N's POV The past few weeks after everything ended had been hell. Not because Jong-dae and Yixing had been fighting or because either one of them had been acting different and made things awkward, no it was because of their promotions. Everything had picked up so quickly especially, since Yixing had gotten off his vacation. The manager had you running around all the time and things were starting to feel a little tense when the boys were getting closer to their performances. You were used to that though, all the nerves, it was exciting but scary even if they had been used to performing in front of crowds. Every one including you, were counting on everything to work. The music videos went well, the interviews too, getting the guys back and forth to their stylist and to the dance studio was hectic though. This was probably the most stressful part of the job but it was your favorite part. You and Jong-dae had succeeded in keeping your friendship, still clowning around with each other. You guys still hugged but you were a little less with the kissing. Every once in a while it would be a reflex to kiss him on the cheek or forehead after playfully bullying him with the rest of the guys. You and Yixing however, touched more in front of everyone. Nothing inappropriate but you'd treat him like you treated the others, playful kisses after making jokes, and hugs (sometimes for no reason). You called him beautiful which you had done before but you were a lot more open about it. You two talked more and sat by each other when you could. Chanyeol and Minseok always tried to make it so that Yixing could sit next to you when they went out to eat or played a game, or even just sitting in the house. Slowly but surely, everyone started to pick up on the change in your relationship. The only one that seemed to stay clueless was Junmyeon. Six months had officially passed by and within those six months you had spent the night a total of four times. Each time you'd either sleep before Jong-dae or after he'd gone to bed. Minseok would let you sleep in his bed with him seeing as how he knew what had gone down between you two. With the teasers finally over with, the music videos out, and the fan signings half way done you thought things would settle down. You started secretly playing the piano and singing when you weren't around the boys to pass the time. One day you'd heard Yixing playing the most beautiful melody ever. You didn't mean to listen in on him but the song had captivated you. You were wondering what he was writing but you never asked him. He never knew you had even heard him but you could hear the tune in the back of your head. Right now the guys were coming off stage after performing and winning for top song, out beating their song lucky one. You were giving high fives to the boys who seemed like they were finally taking breaths of relief, Jong-dae hugged you picking you up from the ground making you laugh, "Okay Okay Chen be careful of the cords back here." you said. "Sorry sorry." he said smiling and putting you down. That big smile made you grab his cheeks again and say, "Pinchu pinchu." Minseok came and wrapped his arm around your neck, "Eomma! how did we do?" "As always you guys were impressive. You blew the crowd away." "I feel like I didn't come off strong enough." Sehun said before taking a sip of his water. You turned to him, "You were strong but it wasn't like your usual performances. We can work on it later if you want. Everyone be careful with your voices, you guys have been performing a lot lately you could strain yourself." "Y/N takes such good care of us." Jongin said. He was actually talking into one of the cameras but he was looking at you when he said it. Baekhyun was standing by him, looking around but managed to make the sly remark, "That's because it's her job we'd fire her if she didn't." You stuck your tongue out at him and Baekhyun laughed. "What do I do Baekhyun? Say it." you said. "You take care of your boys." Baekhyun said walking over to you like a child that had gotten in trouble. You nodded and hugged as you said, "That's my boy." Chanyeol came over and wrapped his arm around Baekhyun's neck talking to the camera about their win. You looked to Jong-dae and you both started cracking silent jokes about ChanBaek as the OTP. Yixing came over to you patting your head, he was sweating like the rest of the guys but he had been the only one you offered a towel to wipe himself off with. When he didn't take it, you wiped the sweat off for him. "You'll just ruin the mics if you stay sweaty like that." You both laughed at the lame excuse. The show was over and it was finally time for the guys to get home. They wanted to go out and eat but none of them could decide what they wanted to eat. Jongin had said he was going to meet up with Krystal, Kyungsoo offered to cook and the others didn't seem to mind. You had told the guys you were going home to sleep, you were tired and had been up all day and they understood. You dropped them all off and headed back home. You started to get changed; however, it wasn't to go to bed. You were meeting up with him tonight. You wanted to look your best for him too, you wore a short black cocktail dress with your back out, your hair in curls, light neutral make up on and the smallest black heels you could find in your closet. The doorbell rang and you opened it up to see him standing before you. He stared down at you with dark lustful eyes. "You look beautiful as always." he spoke in Chinese. "Thank you, now let's go because that look your giving me says you're hungry." "Yeah but not just for food." "Come on Lay." You said laughing. Yup, you had been dating Yixing in secret for about two weeks now. Everything had started to slow down and after the months had gone by he'd finally decided he would properly ask you out. Even though you still loved him, you had hesitated a bit. They had just made their comeback and the press was hot on them, you didn't think dating would be good for him even if things had slowed down. He proposed dating in secret, even the guys had no idea, well except Minseok. You were going to tell Jong-dae seeing as how he was your best friend and you told him everything but with your history you couldn't say it. You guys had gotten back to great terms you were slightly afraid of ruining it, keeping the relationship a secret was the best solution. So you guys kept meeting up at the same restaurant you'd gone to on your first date. You had the same room each time and you always showed up a few hours after the place closed the bottom half of the restaurant that was open to the public. You guys showed up on time for your reservation and got the same waiter that you had on your first night there. He greeted you both with a smile and said, "Welcome back, your room is ready for you." You smiled at him then followed him to your room. Yixing opened the door for you and everything was the same, th complimentary champagne sitting on the mini bar, the small intimate table in the middle of the room, the romantic music playing softly. The door closed behind you, the menus already on the table this time. Yixing walked up to you and wrapped his arms around your waist hugging you from behind, he could smell the perfume on your neck. He swayed back and forth with you in his arms for a moment then he turned you around. He kissed you without warning, it was clear he was trying to hold back his hunger for you though. A light moan escaping your lips made him pull back. "I've wanted to kiss you all day." he said. You chuckled, "Keeping us a secret is a pain." he complained. You nodded, "I know but with everything going on-" "I don't care." He cut you off. You looked up at him taken a back by his bluntness. He cupped your face in his hands, his forehead pressed against yours. "I don't like hiding us. I want to kiss you and tell you I love you at the very least in front of the guys. When can we tell them?" You smiled, "You're cute Yixing." "You shouldn't call a man cute." "Fine you're beautiful," You said wrapping your arms around his neck. He kissed you again, this time roughly. He wanted you badly and he wasn't trying to hide that fact. You pulled away but he grabbed your arm and pulled you back not willing to let you go just yet. You could barely breathe when he stopped the kiss. You swallowed trying to get a grip on yourself and you separated from him to sit down in your chair. He followed and sat down in front of you. Neither one of you needed a menu, you already knew what you wanted so you both just sort of sat their looking at each other. Not in awkwardness, no you both had love in your eyes. You both had been waiting for this moment to get together. "I'm serious about telling the guys Jagi." "Yeah I know." you said smiling at your lap. "When can we say something?" "I'm just not ready for that yet. We've only officially started dating two weeks ago Yixing. What's the rush?" "What's the hesitation?" he asked. You looked up at him and shrugged. "It's Chen isn't it?" he asked. "He's still my best friend, pretending like he never had feelings for me is cruel though and I couldn't hurt him like that again." "Okay I get it, but we should tell them soon. I hate sneaking around." You gave him a small smile and nodded, "I know." The waiter came in asking them what they wanted to order but it had been the same thing you two ordered the last few times you came in. You saw when the waiter turned that he'd already written down what you wanted and was only pretending to write down Yixing's order. You chuckled and said, "Nice memory you've got there, next time we can just skip the menus and just wait for our food to be delivered." He looked at you laughing and he laughed with you apologizing, though he didn't need to. He walked out shortly after leaving you and Yixing alone to talk. That's all you two had done for these two weeks. You talked, you'd meet up here eat and talk then he'd drop you off at home in enough time to make it back to his place before any of the boys noticed. You didn't mind the talking; you got to know him better and that made you feel like you were truly important to him. You opened up to him in a different way than you'd opened up to Jong-dae. Like always, dinner went by smoothly and you both were just happy being able to be near each other and act like a couple. That restaurant was the safest place for you guys to go. They had a sort of unspoken confidentiality agreement with their customers. They didn't allow for cameras to come in, they couldn't inspect everyone's phone of course but photographers weren't allowed in with their cameras, the windows were tinted so they couldn't even take pictures from the outside. It was your spot for the time being, so you couldn't get caught. With dinner finally over Yixing drove you home and walked you to the door and kissed you. However, this time he wasn't willing to end the night with just a kiss. He pressed himself against you, your hands ran up his arms and lightly pushed his shoulders back as you pulled your head away calling his name in an obviously turned on manner. "Lay wait." you said as his lips attacked your neck. You both were still standing outside your front door and he had you pressed up against the door. His hand under your dress. He whispered in your ear, "I can't wait anymore, I need you now." You released a slight moan, "Yixing we're still outside." He pulled back and you knew full well he regretted that action. He grabbed the door knob and said, "Then let's go inside." You looked to the side of his shoulder knowing what your body was telling you but still had reserves. Yixing hovered his lips over yours knowing that was your weakness. "Six months ago, I understood when you said we shouldn't get together and even though i wanted to take you that night I didn't go beyond that kiss. Every night for the past six months you've made me wait. I've hidden my hunger for you for far too long. Y/N I need you, if what you do is take care of your boys then im asking... will you take care of me tonight?" You had no idea that was what was going on with him but those words embarrassed you so much you couldn't bare to look at him. He grabbed your chin making you look back at him, his eyes just as intense and filled with lust as they were in the restaurant. He looked down at your lips for a second then to your eyes. His hand traveling up your thigh and to your waist making you shiver, "I want you so bad Y/N stop teasing me please. You haven't let me touch you since we started seeing each other. I don't care about what happened in the past." "Oh so all you want is my body."you said teasing him. "No all I want is you. You need to open this door quickly or else we're giving your neighbors a show." You laughed nervously, feeling as though he wasn't joking and turned around. As you fished in your purse for your keys he kissed your neck, distracting you. You finally found them but you were so engaged with his kisses that you weren't placing the key in the keyhole. He grabbed your hand forcing it in and opening the door. Once you two stepped inside he wasn't holding back any longer. He lifted you up while kissing you roughly, walking you to your bedroom. He dropped you down on the bed removing his shirt and tossing it aside. "Damn." you muttered breathless. He chuckled as he leaned down to kiss your lips again, "Like what you see?" "Hell yea." He pecked your lips once, then twice and it was driving you nuts because all you wanted was him to kiss you hard, deep, in the most sensual way possible. His hands moved up your dress sending a tingle to ride up your body, you arched your back slightly with a light moan. He pulled off your dress and went back to sending kisses down your neck. Your hands entangling in his hair as his mouth moved down to your chest. You hadn't worn a bra because your dress showed your back so his mouth was free to roam around, biting, sucking licking away at every area of your body. He practically ripped off your underwear and being stark naked in front of him was making you feel self conscious. You used your arms to cover yourself but when you felt a finger being pushed inside you, you gasped and grabbed onto his arms. "Seems like you were craving me just as I was craving you." he said. He kissed you as his finger moved in and out, slow and precise then rough. You started panting against his lips. "Lay...I want you." He chuckled, "I know." He removed his pants, now completely naked like you, he lifted your legs and adjusted himself until he was able to thrust inside you. You pulled him down to you so you could kiss him as he moved. One hand in your hair the other gripping your waist tightly. He kissed your neck and bit at your collar bone. You scratched at his back as his grinding became more powerful. Moans of heated passion filled the room all night. You two going round after round making up for six months of lost time. His body was gorgeous you couldn't keep yourself contained and you found yourself begging for him more and more. By the end of the your last round, you were both exhausted and frankly ready to sleep. You heard him whisper, "You're so beautiful Y/N." "I love you Yixing." "I hope so after everything we've done." You lightly slapped his chest making him chuckle. His voice got low as he said, "I love you too Y/N." The next day had come and you woke up to an empty bed. Your clothes were still spread out on the ground, as you looked around, you saw his weren't. A knock came at your bedroom door and you called out, "Who is it?" "Who else would you have in your house Y/N?" you heard Yixing say behind the door. "Come. in you idiot." The door opened and he walked in wearing different clothes from last night so he must've gone back home. He walked up to you and bent down to kiss you, "Good morning beautiful." "Good morning." you said. He clapped his hands telling you to get up and get dressed. You asked why and he told you he had something to show you at the studio. He wouldn't tell you anything beyond that so you went into the shower and got dressed afterwards. It took you ten minutes to wash your face and brush your teeth. You two took separate cars much to Yixing's dismay but you still didn't want it looking like you two were a couple. Once inside the building though he had grabbed your hand and walked you to the piano room. "Lay what are we doing here?" "I've been working on a song for months now that I want to release on my new solo album. I finally finished it but I wanted you to be the first one to hear it." You smiled and he started to play, he sang in Chinese which was no surprise to you. As you listened, you recognized the melody as the same one you had walked in on him creating. The lyrics to the song spoke about a girl he'd fallen for, how she was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen and how she'd seen him for who he was and accepted him. This girl had taken on burdens though, carrying for him and he was recognizing he hadn't appreciated her efforts like he should've. He came to the chorus singing, "You do so much for me, and I'm so happy to have you. Let me spoil you tonight baby, you're all mine. Let me take care of you." You hadn't realized you were crying until the end of the song. He came over to you cupping your face and wiping your tears away. "Why are you crying?" He asked. "The song was so beautiful." "You've said those words to me more than a thousand times but I remember the first day in the practice room when you saw me cry. You had no idea why I was that upset but you held me. When I told you I was fine and I was sorry for crying on you, you shushed me and whispered those words. 'Let me take care of you' and you have for so long." "You're amazing Yixing. That song is beautiful, you're beautiful. I love you." You started speaking quickly because of your excitement. He laughed and cupped your face to kiss you lightly. Then you heard screams, you both looked at the door to see Chanyeol, Minseok, Jongin and Sehun standing at the door. "Damn it." You said upset that you had been caught. Yixing laughed seeing Chanyeol, Sehun and Jongin's faces looking shocked. Minseok was the only one without shock. You sighed embarrassed as Yixing spoke, "We were having a nice private moment too." You looked at Yixing like you wanted to slap him. Yixing just laughed and wrapped his arm around you pulling you in. "How long has this been happening?" Sehun asked. "For like two weeks, please don't make this a bigger deal than it is Chan. Don't tell the others okay and definitely do not tell Chen I wanted to tell him first." You said. "Aw really?" you heard his voice come from behind the wall. You face palmed, this was not how this was supposed to go. He walked in and brought you into a hug smiling like the sun. "I'm so happy for you Y/N!" "Really?" you asked stunned. "Of course, when you're happy I'm happy. You're my best friend, although," he turned to Yixing with the smile still on but a clear warning in his tone. "I won't be happy if you hurt her. So you better take good care of her." Yixing nodded with a smile, his dimple popping out. He pulled you back towards him and said, "I'll take care of her." "Why are you all here anyway you have the day off?" You asked. "We came to find you two to see if you wanted to go to the amusement park with us. We're gonna do a live broadcast on the v app." Minseok said. He had already made his way over to you to give you a hug and you were now caught between Minseok and Yixing. "Yeah we figured Lay would be here since he's been coming here a lot on his time off then we were going to swing by your place but one of the staff said you were both here." Jongin said. "I told you that was her car hyung." Sehun said referring to Chanyeol. He made a face nodding, Junmyeon, Baekhyun and Kyungsoo walked in a little later. All the guys put Yixing in a lecture about taking care of you but they had no idea just how much he'd already done for you. When you guys went to the amusement park you walked together brushing up against each other. You held hands with Jong-dae though, who was pulling you from roller coaster to roller coaster. Yixing let you roam freely with him because he wasn't too interested in getting on a roller coaster himself. It was nice to finally have the relationship out in the open you didn't have to keep sneaking around, we'll at least around the boys. You hummed the song Yixing had sang to you and when you came to that last line you both lowly sang to each other, "Let me take care of you."
Alright folks that is the end of this story. Well there is an epilogue but that's gonna be short... I hope. Anyway, thank you for reading, commenting, and liking it. For my first fanfiction on here I'm happy about the turn out and appreciate your support and interest. Hope you enjoyed. Tag list: @kpossible4250 @jaysbae13 @Elishafisher @griseldazenger @JessicaEvaristo @emilycayetano @Tiffany1922
loved it! great job!
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Thank you. love your writing.
@KristinaCaron OMG really thank you so much 😁😱😱😁😁!!!
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