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Wonho: Gender Doesn't Matter, Just Cook Ramen Well

At a Monsta X meet and greet a few days ago, Wonho was asked about his ideal woman.

Turns out, it doesnt have to be a woman, they just need to make ramen well.

Start at 1:49!

I love him!

@PassTheSuga i'll find more info and make a card later, but before debut he was bffs with a ulzzang who was a girl but was famous for dressing very boyishly. People would make fun of Wonho for being gay and Wonho was like i dont get what the big deal is, she's my friend lol
💖💖💖💖🙆💖💖💖💖 I honestly love this boy SO MUCH.
you young people are so youngest (who is 20) says as long as her partner will clean she will cook. And she can cook almost anything (Korean food is her specialty).
Wonho I am your girl!!!!! As long as he can cook me some meat or something in return. 😂
ramen is the food i eat most of the time cause im so dang lazy 😂😂😂
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Let's Talk About Ddeok!
Rice cakes are probably my favorite thing, EVER. In Korea, they come in all shapes and sizes. They're sweet or covered in hot sauce, served plain, or stuffed with goodness. They're amazing. In the photo above you can see long skinny ones, some shaped like figure 8s, and some stuffed with cheese! Rice cakes in Korea are called ddeok or 떡. (all photos are mine^^) This is chicken and ddeok in a cup! The chicken and ddeok and fried up in a sweet and spicy sauce. The outside of the ddeok is a little crispy but the inside is still super soft and chewy! This is dango! This is a more Japanese take on ddeok but you can still find it in Korea! Traditional Korean version of this is grilled ddeok. It's just a few pieces of rice cake on a stick and placed on a grill to make them crispy and warm. This is bingsu! An amaaaazing Korean dessert that comes in all different flavors. The more traditional flavors of bingsu like patbinsu (red bean) usually comes with ddeok on top! In this case, the ddeok is rolled in misugaru which is a powdered grain a lot of Koreans use in lattes or nutritional drinks :) This is ddeokbokki! The actual love of my life. Ddeokbokki is a ton of rice cakes thrown into some super spicy delicious sauce with fish cake, onion, and usually a hard boiled egg. You can get this as street food or in nearly any Korean restaurant you pop into :) Also, @carenabobo, here are the fish on a stick (also called oh-deng) that I think you were talking about^^ Ddeok is colorful, tasty, and nutritious! Never pass down an opportunity to munch on some^^