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Writers Note: Dammit! This card was not ready to be posted but it posted because I pushed the last Lay Card thru. Ahhhh but still, enjoy
"Are you still not feeling well?" her boss asked. She shook her head, "Not one bit. Everything came up this last time." She had to bite her lip from smiling at that one. "Maybe you should just go lie down. If you're not feeling any better after awhile then you can go home. I think we can manage without you." he said, "Don't want you to miss your plane tomorrow." "Thanks, I'll find somewhere quiet. I don't know what it is but I'm sure it'll pass." she replied. She grabbed her bag and headed to the back. She walked into the dressing room and relaxed on the little sofa in the corner. She listened to the thumping of the music and after awhile, she fell asleep. It didn't seem long since she closed her eyes when she heard whispering. At first, she thought it was her baby god but after a minute, she realized it was someone else, even at that, it was two someone elses. "Why are you bringing me back here, we have a show going on..." he whispered before his words were muffled, "Stop, I thought we weren't going to do this anymore." "I can't help it, you looked so good. I miss you so much." the other whispered back. She heard some smacking sounds, a little bit of sucking noises, they were kissing. She opened her eyes and watched in silence the two figures standing in the shadows. One was slightly taller than the other, the shorter one wrapped their arms around the others waist, as the taller one was kissing them on the neck. "I miss you too..." the little one whispered, but after a minute of enjoying his kisses, he pushed the taller one off, "Stop... what's going on with you?" "What do you mean?" the taller said moving back in for some more smooches. The little one moved out of the way, "What's going on with you and that woman? You said you weren't going to play those games anymore..." the little ones voice rose a little, she knew who it was, his deep tone was unmistakable. He continued, "You and dongsaeng, after what happened last time, you said you weren't going to do that anymore. We're getting too old for that crap." "It's nothing. We were talking one day, he's interested in her. He was having a hard time making a move." the taller one said leaning against the wall next to the smaller one, "I just wanted to help." His hand went up, caressing the others cheek, before turning his head toward him and moving in for another kiss. A kiss the little one gladly gave him. "It looks like more than that... You look like you're interested in her as well." the little one said as he fixed the others collar, even reaching up and running his fingers through the taller ones' hair, "And if his feelings for her are real, then maybe you should back off. Are you interested in her?" The taller one didn't answer right away. She heard the smaller one take a deep breath. "Fine." the little one said before taking his leave. She laid there, watching, waiting for him to leave. He walked into the light of the mirrors. His face twisted into a snarl, he growled a little, slamming a chair (the same chair she sat in earlier), slamming it hard, twice on the floor before running out the door.
Interesting turn of events...funny how you find things out laying in a dark dressing room! lol
Oooh man!! I'm excited~
@MaritessSison Truly. Reminds me of this time I was partying with some friends, trying to pass out but people kept coming in and doing their "business". Seen my friend cheating on her boyfriend.... ahhhh good times, good times
can you please add me to the tags? this is awesome. chanyeols my bias but this is really good