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⚠ This is a bit more mature so just warning you now. There's no sex, I don't feel comfortable writing sexual things, but there are IMPLICATIONS that you two had sex. Just wanted to state that now. ⚠ He was addicted to you, and that's the truth. Your smallest touch drove him crazy, yet you always toyed with his emotions. He'd want you to touch him, but you'd just lean close and blow air on his ear, whispering words that drove him to the brink of death. He'd only been gone for three weeks on tour. It wasn't as long as the others. But once he returned home, he was in for a surprise. Jaebum gulped heavily, not even making it fully into the living room as his eyes roamed around your body, curve after curve, he drank it all in. The way your body moved softly with your breathing, how the soft blue lingerie he bought you for your first anniversary moved, hugging and kissing your curves and beautiful pale complexion. Your face turned into a sexy, lustful wanting of the man in front of you. He would be lying if he said he wasn't turned on by this random act of sexual desire, "Jagi?" Jaebum scratched the back of his head, racking his brain for any type of answer that would solve this question in front of him. And maybe solve the problem in his pants. His lips sucked tightly in between his teeth as he chewed them softly.  He was stuck wondering what was going through your head as he just gawked at your figure. You looked incredible and very inviting. He would be lying if he said he didn't want to ravish you right then, but he had to contain himself. You noticed his hesitancy and just giggled seductively, ending with a lip bit and slow lip release. With a coy smile you gently, elegantly, arose from your lying position and sauntered towards Jaebum, "Do I not look good?" You asked, batting your eyelashes whilst wrapping your arms around his shoulder. Within instinct he wrapped his arms around your waist protectively. Like someone was going to swoop in and steal you. Jaebum drew your hips closer to his growing bulge making you feel what your doing to him. Jaebum shook his head softly as his eyes connected to yours, the lust evident. He was turned on and you wanted him. "I just wanted to give you your good job present early~ You've been working so hard lately, let me please you Jaebummie." Slowly you stuck your lip out into a small pucker, and seductively twisted your finger on his shoulder. He was trying his hardest not to bang you against the couch and wall. You made his knees weak, his breathing shallow as he just nodded and licked his lips. He wasnt going to trust his words when he knew they would show you how much he needed you. You smiled softly and reached up to attack his lips with yours. Jaebum slid his hands up and down your sides, moaning breathlessly in your mouth as you continued your brutal attack. You both panted as you snuggled closer to Jaebum. His arm rested carelessly across your shoulders as he kissed your head, "I should work harder more often." He joked. You just giggled and smacked his chest, "You work hard enough. Now just go to sleep. Your going to have a very busy morning ahead of you tomorrow."
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