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IT IS I @DestineeLiu but as you can tell I am now @EunwooTrash

And it refers to Eunwoo of Astro not Eunwoo from Produce101 just to clarify. But, anywho onwards. I sincerely apologies for my 3 month hiatas. I promise to comeback with twice as much effort and activeness as I have done in the past. For the past 3 months the closest I have been to being active was by commenting on various cards and what not. So I have made a check list on what I will be bringing back, new things that I will be starting and what not!

For starters I will be bringing back Long Time No See, but with A NEW NAME!

Long Time No See's name is officially changed to Once Again. Totally not because it will be back once again or anything. *ba-dum tss*

RKSP will also be back!

I can't even remember what number I'm on but I have the technology to look it up.

And lastly but not least

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yay! Q: how did you change your name? I want to change mine but it won't allow me to... thank you
@bigbang2ne1exo You have to log onto Vingle via a computer and go into settings and it gives you an option to change it underneath the profile picture display.
Ohhh ok馃槉 thank you馃槉
Hey welcome back!