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Korean Language Lesson: "I'm not a Bad Person."

I'm Not a Bad Person. 나쁜 사람 아닌데

나쁜 or (Na-ppeun) = Bad.

사람 or (Saram) = Person. (Little Side note: if you add 들 or Deul after 사람 or Saram, it changes the entire sentence to "They are not bad People.")

아닌데 or (Ah-neen-deh) = "it's Not" or "__'s Not." (It's a term of Negation)

나쁜 (Na-ppeun)

사람 (Saram)

아닌데 (Ah-neen-Deh)

I Hope that this helps you out. Don't ever give up on Learning Korean. You can Do it! 🤗✌️

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Can we say " 나는 나픈 아닌데 " ( Iam not a bad person) !
a year ago·Reply
@aliahwhbmida yes, You can use both of them.
a year ago·Reply
감사합니다 !
a year ago·Reply
@aliahwhbmida you're Welcome. 🤗
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