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Hip-hop duo Supreme Team has disbanded, ending their four-year career in the K-pop scene. http://www.tenasia.com/archives/66032
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WHATTTTT??? but why Q____Q I love them so much q_q why would they do this qq
4 years ago·Reply
NOOOOOOOOOO their songs are so good specially beacuse there are two of them!!!!!! im seriously going to miss this group!!
4 years ago·Reply
this is the asddest news for korean hip hop!!! they are my favorite group after dynamic duo~~~ their songs are so catchy!!!
4 years ago·Reply
@alex9094 @daradara yeah I agree it's really so sad q-q I love how they both just worked so well with each other...
4 years ago·Reply
Why go solo when they were doing so well? Something must have happened... Well, I wish them the best of luck with their solo activities.
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