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Decided you needed some fun away from moving and packing and just plain ol hauling all your crap. It's boring and dull we all know this. But wouldn't you like to make your day even better? Of course you would..
So let's spice up things a bit.
Free-For-All. A death match between two lovers, It’s every man for himself!! Battle until there is only one man left to be the true victor!!
That's right it is Nerf War today. XD Empire
Side Arm vs. Side Arm
On team Blue Orange we have..... Demi-God behind the crate station. Aka.... The Pie Eater!!
On team Grey Purple we have.... Xy~Chan (yours truly) behind the table station. Aka.... The Tongue-ster!!
Which team will you stand for? I might not have a fighting chance but I won't back down.
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Lol, I was hoping to get a vote xD
a year ago·Reply
@XyChan You need to come back with some pie!
a year ago·Reply
Pay up, pay up!! Xy Chan won~ The game was a lot harder than we thought.
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