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[INTERVIEW] Actor Lee Byung-hun – Part 1

His mother was unenthusiastic of his entry into Hollywood. But this time Lee Byung-hun worked with actors that were great enough for his mother to say, “Oh, good job.” For film “Red 2,” about retired CIA operatives, Lee worked with Bruce Willis, whom he met with in the second “G.I. Joe” movie, as well as Anthony Hopkins, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, and Catherine Zeta-Jones. And Lee wasn’t there to play an Asian man for the sake of giving the movie a good assortment of characters. His character Han was not the typical killer, limping after kicking a fire extinguisher with gusto, and blurting out Korean swear words every time he gets nervous. And it has been said that during the L.A. premiere of the film, the American audience burst out into laughter in scenes that Han appeared. Here is the story Lee told of his experience with working with some of the best stars in Hollywood. http://www.tenasia.com/archives/65922
He's the best! We love him in America.
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