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(Screenshots + trailer video) It's called "Kanye Quest 3030" (lol get it, it rhymes with Kanye West) and is described as “a hip-hop-themed science-fiction 2D roleplaying game starring Kanye West” that’s set in the year 3030. In the Japanese role-playing game (RPG), Kanye West battles rap star clones. In the trailer above, he battles a clone of 2Pac. There are way too many puns on Lil B's alias Based God. Also, it's not endorsed by Kanye whatsoever (..or is it). Download it here for free: http://kanyequest3030.tumblr.com/download If you don't wanna download anything, you can still play Kanye Zone online: http://www.kanyezone.com/
Kanye or not, I'll try anything once.
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Lol imma play this for sure.
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Man the guys over at KTT are prolly going crazy. I'm definitely playing this.
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