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These are so cute! Want to try each of them. Which is your favourite place to take your date? What do you do when you spend a day with them?
Take a StudioClass: Pottery, painting and glass-blowing studios often offer great deals that let you try out your first class without committing to a full, multiple-week course. Skip the bar and spend the money you would have spent on drinks creating something beautiful together.
Get Breakfast for Dinner: Just because you’re giving up on your fave dive bars doesn’t mean you have to give up on ALL your beloved haunts. Diners with all-day breakfast are actually heaven on earth, and milkshakes are a pretty delicious swap for booze.
Make Vision Boards Together:Before you (or your S.O.) roll your eyes, think about it: If your relationship is moving along nicely, vision boards are a great way to involve each other in your lives. Couples who dream together stay together. Or something.
Take a Mini Road Trip:Remember thatMaster of Noneepisode where Dev takes Rachel on a first-date trip to Nashville? Okay, so it’s not a road trip (there’s a whole plotline about missing their flight), but the idea is so cute and unexpected. Plus, you’ll be taking turns driving so, legally, you won’t be boozing at all.
Tour a CoffeeRoastery: Here’s a great alternative to brewery tours or wine tastings. The best part? No one needs to be the DD at the end of the tour!
Go Gallery Hopping:When you want to take in some culture but feel like you’ve hit all the hubs in your city, do a little Googling to find some smaller exhibits. They’re awesome for seeing some unexpected art and meeting some really cool people.
Go to a Farmers’ Market:Weekend morning dates are the best. Hit a coffee shop on the way and spend a few hours wandering around marveling at all the gorgeous produce and prepared food. Bonus: There will probably be tons of samples, so no need to make breakfast. If it’s a hit, it could become a Saturday morning tradition!
Go to an Arcade:Who doesn’t want to feel like a teenager in puppy love once in awhile? This one will take you right back to butterflies in your stomach, hanging with your crush after school.
Take a Cooking Class Together:This one could be the date that keeps on giving. You’ll pick up a few good recipes to use later on, and date nights at home will forever bea little tastier.