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It's officially summer!!!

Here's a quick guide to getting ready for summer with Kpop!

Dance to Your Favorite Jams!

It's great cardio and an immediate mood booster. It's easy to stay in bed or just laying around all summer but getting up and moving even for just 30 minutes a day is so good for you!

Drink Watermelon Juice!

It's a really popular summer snack in Korea. Just take some watermelon, blend it up, and drink. Watermelon is good for keeping you hydrated and making your skin look awesome!


Sleeping is soooooooo important for your body, but with summer schedules its easy to stay up late and sleep less. Look out for your body and give yourself ample time to sleep - that means NAPS!

Have Confidence!

Every body is a summer body, so don't let anyone (even if its just the voice in your head) stop you from feeling comfortable in your own skin.

Now let's all go have a good summer!

Who has fun plans?

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I'd DEFINITELY sleep like Yoongi 😂😂😂😂
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I'm learning have to drive
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Dancing to kpop videos has become my warm up before I go for a run or any other excerise! I'm keeping pretty low key this summer. Mostly working but I'm seeing GOT7 in July!
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that's a nice picture of Hoya at the end tho ♡
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