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Meet Chiko, an adorable Shiba Inu with a Netflix habit that's all sorts of intense!

Rather than go outside and play fetch in the yard, Chiko spends hours dressed in his comfiest clothes, marathoning all of his favorite TV shows and movies on his owner's laptop. In fact, his addiction's gotten so real that his owner set up Chiko's very own YouTube channel filled with clips of the dog mid-binge.

So what does Chiko like to watch the most?

Classic cartoons like Tom & Jerry, major sporting events, and reruns of popular sitcoms top his list.

And nothing makes his 2 AM Netflix marathons more enjoyable than a big bowl of microwaved popcorn.

So is Chiko the Shiba Inu your ideal Netflix companion? Does your cat or dog like watching television too?

too adorable!!!!!! I had a cat that was addicted to all things Garfield. he knew the numbers on the digital clock and would lay on the coffee table, turn on the tv, turn it to the right channel, and watch Garfield cartoons!!!!! if, for some reason, it wasn't on, he would wake me up so I could put in his Garfield DVD!!!!!!
My dog stays outside because of how tall he is but my mom's friend's dog loves to watch Rachel Ray. My mom goes over to her friend's house to eat lunch every weekday and she says the dog would be sitting on the bed watching Rachel Ray and that's the only time he watches TV
Buddy is obsessed with Spanish Soaps, Elmo's World, and Marmaduke. We discontinued cable because he would get up at 2 AM and turn the sound up so loud it woke us. Now he just begs for Netflix all day.
@danidee yes, Trigger was amazingly smart!!!!! I treated him like a child. he knew how to tell time-on a digital clock....just couldn't get the day vs night dot concept, turn on and off the tv including changing the channel and volume, open the fridge, open any door that wasn't locked, and when I started rescuing animals, he helped them adjust and teach them the house rules. I always said he was a little boy trapped in a cat body. he passed away on July 31, 2012. I still miss him and cry....... 馃槩
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