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Tagged by @NykeaKing for this wonderful Picture challenge :)

Here's what you do...

1. Take a picture on snap chat of yourself and save it... (I used one I already had saved... im dead tired right now.. so there is no way I am taking a pic) 2. Make a card and post the pic (or pics)... show everyone how beautiful you are in your own way ♡ Why? Because you ARE beautiful ♡ :) 3. Add a short bio... so us other vinglers can get to know a little more about you
My full name is: Shaila (pronounced like shy-luh) Rochelle Zaman I was born on February 25th 1994 in Wichita KS. I am half Middle Eastern and 1/8th German I love Kpop (duh!), drawing, swimming, cooking... I love animals too! Went to college to become a Vet Tech

Now it's your turn ♡

If you would like to be tagged/ untagged from my future cards let me know :)

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goodnight @KpopGaby i hope you dont dream of spiders bc of me 😉
a year ago·Reply
Unni you are really pretty
a year ago·Reply
awe thank you sweetheart 💜😄 @MaelstromVIP
a year ago·Reply
@ShailaZaman your welcome, Unni. when I make mine can I tag you?
a year ago·Reply
of course! @MaelstromVIP I'd love to see it 😊
a year ago·Reply