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A while back after ordering my beloved Shaaanxo Palette from BH Cosmetics, I kept getting this ad for the the foil eyes palette from BH Cosmetics. Stupid ad / cookie tracking!! Anyways, I mostly just ignored it.
But then today I stumbled on these swatches from Portrait of Mai of the colors, and I think it's just what I was looking for! I only own neutrals and mattes, which is fine, but I wish I had some fun colors to be able to try to be a bit more creative sometimes, you know?

And since this palette is only $12, it seems like the perfect one to use to try this out!!!

Here's the ad I kept seeing. It's not very good which is why I didn't pay attention sooner, lol!

And here's a few looks people have put together with the palette! I think it might be time for me to order it. Well, once I make a little more money :P
@cindystran so true! I feel like they won't make too many of those though since most people prefer one or the other haha, that's why most people buy just single eyeshadows of foils!
I like the idea of foil shadows and it seems fun for summer. I bet if they have the a palette with neutral them foil it would be so pretty.