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So obviously, dogs can't talk. But what if they could? What if they did all the everyday things that humans do?

One Twitter user, Reverend_Scott, has gone viral after tweeting a number of fake 911 transcripts between an exasperated talking dog and an equally frazzled doggie dispatcher, capturing the hilarity of what really freaks dogs out.

Does this sound like your pet too?

#1: When the mailman's doing his rounds.

#2: When you leave the house each morning.

#3: When you forget his National Dog Day present.

#4: When he gets too close to the V-Day chocolate.

#5: When he can't reach his favorite chew toy.

#6: When you've busted out the vacuum cleaner.

#7: Andddd... it only gets worse.

#8: When he's got peanut butter mouth.

#9: Daaaamn, Rover's got jokes!

So which one was your favorite? Why else do you think our pets would call the police?

Personally, I think MY dog would try calling the cops every time she heard something going on outside. She's definitely a barker!
@danidee I don't have time to take in a puppy, but i really don't care which breed. Any doggy is fine.
I think my pets would call if they're out of food...
@danidee no 馃槥
@JamiMilsap Bahaha that's totally an emergency. SOMEONE REMOVE THIS CAT, PLEASE!
the ball under the couch one was the cutest!
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