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Get well soon Yugyeom!

We don't have much info, but it seems like Yugyeom fainted during a fan meeting in China recently.

A video posted on June 19th showed Yugyeom fainting as the members exited from the stage right at the end of the performance. ***it isn't clarified that he fainted, it also looks like he just fell, but either way he looks exhausted!***

Lets just all hope that the boys are well and this is something not serious!

@TaehyungV yes hehe.. he was probably very tired and just wanted to finish.. finally haha
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@luna1171 I was thinking that, after I posted my comment... 😅😅
2 years ago·Reply
fighting! I hope our baby gets better
2 years ago·Reply
He just got off first..I saw another video..he probably just wanted to get out as the stage was going down.. then you can see him walking under.
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awww poor yugi hopefulyy he id doing better now and all the boys are resting too not just working too hard love all Got7 members nd can't wait to see them
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