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Recently, dark lipsticks have been really in. I like some dark colors (reds, browns, plums) but I've never really thought of black lipstick as wearable. I'm not into dramatic every day looks on my own face, but I think other people can pull them off.

But black lipstick....I'm still not sure about black lipstick.

Let's take a look!
@alliepetey @cindystran Guess we all feel the same way, then!! Haha. I love how it looks in a lot of these photos, but know I"d look like I was in costume or something!
I agree with @alliepetey. I find it edgy on other but it would seriously look silly on me.
i guess other ppl can wear what they want but I wouldn't wear it 馃槄
I tried it once and it did not look good on me, the navy blue one worked better but only if I pair it with the right eye makeup. It's not like your normal reds where you can just pop them on and off you go. Thus hat off to all the gothic chicks out there, it takes lots of work to make it work!