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Man of Steel Sequel Likely Called Batman Vs. Superman
Director Zack Snyder's announcement at the Warner Bros. panel on Saturday was perhaps the biggest news out of Comic-Con this weekend. And while we know almost nothing about the film, it turns out Man of Steel co-writer David Goyer, who is also penning the sequel, let slip the likely name of the film at a different panel. Goyer said the following at the Superman 75th Anniversary Panel, but the reveal was drowned out in the craziness of the day's bigger Hall H panels: “We aren’t sure if the title will be Batman Vs Superman or Superman Vs Batman, but they will face off.” http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/07/23/comic-con-man-of-steel-sequel-likely-called-batman-vs-superman
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Batman is so much cooler than superman
4 years ago·Reply
@piupiupenguin Christian Bale's batman technically "died" at the end of the Dark Knight Rises. And since batman and superman are published by DC comics, they are part of the same "universe"
4 years ago·Reply
and batman is way cooler than superman!
4 years ago·Reply
irrelevant cause batman's way cooler
4 years ago·Reply
hahaha @Curtisb @blackmage no I totally agree with you guys, I hate superman because he has no flaws. Also he doesn't wear a mask and only conceals himself with glasses, which is retarded. But seriously guys, if you think about this logically... why do they need a batman in a world that has a superman already :x
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