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Give Me 1 Song

I feel like since I haven't been on Vingle in forever, and since there are new friends joining, why not have everyone comment down a song and I'll take a listen to it. Any song is fine. I could be Kpop, Jpop, Thai pop, Taiwanese pop, Cpop, American pop, Rap, Country, Ballad, R&B, mainstream, anything is perfectly a-o-kay. But it has to hold a meaning to you. Give me a song and I'll listen to it. I wanna get to know my fandom friends better. I hope thay with this I will be able to get to know a lot more people through music.

Egoist - Euterpe

So I just wanted to add in my favorite song that holds a meaning to me. This song I discovered while watching the first episode of Guilty Crown! Yes! I know it's not Kpop! Surprise! But this song holds such a deep meaning behind it's lyrics. This song actually made me cry for the longest time. I decided to add in the original and the English cover because that English cover is awesome! But some of the English translated lyrics that really touched me are:
" What can you see from there? Why is it that people Cannot forgive each other? " " I shall sing The proof that life once existed For those who do not have a name. "
The translation on the video for the last quote is a bit different from all the other translation I found on the internet.
kiss kiss fall in love 😍😍😍😍😍
I'll sleep when I am dead- set it off thanks for the memories- fall out boy
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead- Set It Off Angel With A Shotgun- The Cab
Creep radiohead
let her go - the passenger and I lived by one republic
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