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I know that you have been of many years a judge unto this nation. Courtesy is always a mark of noble character. We see it in Paul as he stands before Felix. He compliments the governor – not in a fulsome way, but in fitting words. We should study the art of pleasing others. Some people are brusque almost to rudeness. Manners are far more important in life than most people imagine. A great many things that are said against others start only in neighborhood gossip, or from a mere supposition. That is the way this accusation against Paul started. Somebody saw him in the temple. Before this time, a Gentile, Trophimus, had been seen with Paul on the street. Then it was said that Paul had this Gentile with him in the temple. We need to be exceedingly careful never to say anything of another, which is not absolutely true. Inference, or supposition, is not basis enough to start a charge upon. The only safe way is always to live so carefully, so truthfully, so purely, that nothing any one may say of us falsely may hurt us.
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