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Pretty shocking that it only cost $15,000 for the new British Prince, when you consider that the average American is billed $30,000 and pays $18,000. Apparently the big difference is that in the US you pay for every little procedure/item. I wonder if it would be practical/positive to create a version of the British NHS here in the US?
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john, what do you think it was supposed to be?
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@curtisb I can't remember off the top of my head, but the final bill was a compromise between the Obama administration and the health care industry. The successful smear campaign the HCI pulled off gave the original ObamaCare bill no chance at passing so they had to settle for a bill that was much more friendly to the HCI. You can read the book "Deadly Spin" for the details.
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wow thanks for the book suggestion! sounds like you really know a lot more than me about this. why don't you put some cards up on the topic
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@curtisb Once I have some time maybe I will!
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looking forward to it @johnlee
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