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Laughing. That's the thing you hear when someone is happy or having fun...Pain. A thing that isn't always seen but can be felt. Laughing away the pain, is something she did a lot. Break her heart. No tears, but a smiling face. Sad moment. Still no tears, yet laughter. Death. Ha, don't even get this girl started on that. She'll laugh so hard, she'll cry... Well at least that's what people thought...That's what people saw. But on the inside...This girl was forever broken...Forever gone. Not once had anyone seen her cry. Not even after a break up...And this is the way, the "Crybaby Mission" began...Watch out (First Name) (Last Name), these seven boys are out to make you cry.
WELL GUESS WHAT EVERYONE!!! YOU GUESSED RIGHT!!! I'M MAKING ANOTHER FANFICTION!!!! What do you guys think of the introduction?? Oh and which seven boys should it be??? A. GOT7 B. BTS C. iKON
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@Starbell808 馃槀馃槀馃槀 Thanks for voting!!
lol Ikon
@TaehyungV no biggie