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Bey's hair got caught in one of the many fans meant to blow it out. The accident happened while she was performing "Halo" and while her hair got yanked into the fan's blades, she didn't miss a beat. Instead of freaking out, Bey just kept on singing as her minions went to work on getting her free. What a professional!.. XD She even posted a funny note on instagram about it later!
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oohhh, such a professional!
lololol queen bey and her minions
@PiuPiuPENGUIN @blairwitme @leecatlee they cut her hair though! I wonder if they have protocols when it comes to this kind of incidents.. XD
maybe it was just a weave! although probably hella expensive hahah
oohh.. so I guess you don't feel as much pain if that was real hair?..