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. . . It's Sebastian . . . Do I really need to say anything?! I mean seriously LOOK AT IT!!! LOOK AT THE PICTURE I HAVE NO WORDS FOR HIS SEXY ASS! Well apparently now I do but come on people I have a FANGIRL mind! I take one look at that picture and NOTHING I go flatline in every sense of the word except for one thing! 'omg omg omg!!!' Repeated like a chant in my brain! Well if you people enjoyed my fangirling or are just a now very confused passerby please give that like heart a tap and I will see you in the next card!
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*dies* how can he be the most beautiful anime male ever!!!
@merryjayne13 Need the crashcart for your poor flatlined heart?! 馃槀
this man/demon needs to be a model
oh yes @Panthora