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I'm pretty sure you all have seen this already, and I have too, but I just wanted to bring this up again. So I just went to this song again for like the 10000 time and then something just happened to me that I never felt listening to this song before and watching the video. So, I been really into the song before and I have been really deep into fangirling over this song, but never like today! I watched this video today and then something just happened!!! I was screaming my head off and dancing along to the song (although I was laying down)!! I was screaming and singing so hard, now my throat hurts. And I don't even know why I was screaming so hard!! And there was one question in the back of my mind: What would it be like with Jaebum was there? I know he was pretty sick and hurt at the moment, so he couldn't have been with them doing that and all, but I couldn't have helped to wonder. I mean, would Youngjae have slayed it like he did? Would Youngjae still have all his parts? Would Youngjae still LOOK SO FREAKING SEXY?!? *Coughs* I mean, would everything still be the same with Youngjae? Because Youngjae slayed all his parts and I know Jaebum could do the same with Youngjae parts and maybe make some parts better than it already was, and Youngjae could do the same if it was Jaebum singing up there and not him. Jaebum is an amazing singer, yet Youngjae sounds amazing with this song, and I haven't heard Jaebum sing it, so of course I can't say Youngjae is better (Youngjaeisbetter)!! But through this time of watching this video, I wonder what would change if Jaebum was there to sing along side them. But on to the other members... I think Jackson had an amazing voice out there and he wasn't even rapping!!! I was like danggggggg Jackson! Why you gotta touch the soul like that?! I loved listening to his parts and his thighs... Oh thank you Momma Wang for blessing us with such amazing thighs, such as those. BamBam's rap was pretty cool. I couldn't help but rap along, since I know some of it from listening to the song over and over again. I liked the rap, even though I am made at him from going from Cute BamBam to bam!! Sexy BamBam... JUNIOR KILLED ME!!! You know what, 'killed' isn't the right word for what Junior did to me. It was more like he cut off my head, ripped out my heart, beat my already dead body, burn me in fire, drown me in holy water, bury me in a hole, only to dig me up again, and bring me back to laugh and do it all over again!! Too detailed? Sorry. But that's what he did to me!! No lies!! Taking down his jacket and all, doing them sexy moves, giving the camera that sexy look...Just ugh!! Yugyeom had me at his singing. He killed me with his dancing. And he buried me alive with all them sexy looks!! Ugh!!! Why are all the members of GOT7 out to get me and kill me!!! Gosh!!! Yugyeom just kept doing things and I was just like....Bro, calm down!!! You supposed to be the baby. But it was like he slapped me in the face and told me to shut up and then he went back to murdering me.. And now!!! I saved the best for last!! MY HUSBAND, MARK, MURDERED ME!!!! OML!!! HE KILLED ME!!! OH MY GOSH!!!! I AIN'T EVER FINNA CLAM DOWN!!! IT WAS LIKE I WAS- UGH!!!! MARK!!! WHY DO YOU DO THE THINGS YOU DO TO ME?!?! UGH- WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE....YOU?!? THE PERFECT PRINCE EVERYONE WANTS, BUT EVERYONE KNOWS YOU'RE ONLY MINE AND JACKSON'S!!! UGH!!!! LIFE IS SO HARD WHEN YOU GOT MORE THAN 100 BOYFRIENDS!!! Forget everything guys...I'mma go dig my own grave before GOT7 has the chance to do it. Thanks for reading me rant on about these murderers. Hope I won't see you in the after life anytime soon. R.I.P. ✌
Watch the video again and die with me friend!
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I can watch it 10,000 times and they still slay me... But i will keep missing my Leader Bummie~ πŸ˜” I'm glad he's better now.
@KarlythePanda66 Same!! I wish he was in this video, although I still want Youngjae to have this kind of spot light you know!! 😭😭
this is my first time watching this I have no idea why I haven't seen it before thanks for sharing it
@otakukpoper You're welcomed! I'm just surprised some of you guys haven't seen it yet. Like, for me, when I go to YouTube and type in GOT7, if I scroll a bit down, it's right there! πŸ˜„
@TaehyungV YASSS Gurl this was my first time watching it. But I can guarantee you that it won't be my last πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€οΈβ€οΈ