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This might seem obvious since Yokozawa is easily Kirishima's uke but... if you have been following the light novel Yokozawa Takafumi No Baai... he actually said that he didn't expect to be okay with being a bottom ever if not for Kirishima. This made us ask a lot of questions. And we felt that yes, Yokozawa could top Takano (no matter how painful it may sound). Still, what do you think?
@aiaconcarne thank you :)
@aiaconcarne do you know where i can read yokozawa light novel? i tried to look for it and can't find it!
@aiaconcarne 馃槩 yeah... thats true.. he probably was the uke but he's best when he's Ritsu's seme! 馃榾
@KatieSaldivar not to mention that the novel suggests that yokozawa only allowed to be bottom with kirishima. but like i said it just "suggested" it. bec. when Kirishima directly asked him about this, he replied with a "No comment".馃槀
@KatieSaldivar i'd like to believe that too.... but... we've got to remember that he was broken when he was with yokozawa. and that smells like the perfect uke to me. i know. i know. it hurts me too.馃槶
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