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BaeBum❤ Wednesday
I can imagine how he felt those days when he had to stay behind and just poor baby.. glad he back..
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Is the Baebum because he's your bae and its close to his name?
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@Animezkpopgirl yeah I think that was the idea, he is @ManduBum Bae and I think the other half is his name.. is actually Mandie's idea her day on the GOT7 TEAM lol.
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@luna1171 oh ok, cause every time I see this I get kinda confused like, "isn't his name Jae Bum?" Lol thx for explaining!
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@Animezkpopgirl hehehe.. well yeees!! is because he is BAE😍 lol
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@luna1171 yassss lol
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