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I know it's been a little while since I've updated.
Wow So I realized I had posted this in a rush the other morning and even had left out which part this even was.
How's everyone been? I've been busy! lol. There was a lot going on over the past couple days and had wanted to put a chapter up a couple day's earlier but instead it had been put off, oh well it's up now!
Now I have a few special guests making an appearance! Hope it brightens your night/Day.
The four of us headed out to the streets, Krystal led the way, all the way into the downtown area, or what I believe was the downtown area, it looked that way in my eyes. Once we were close to places to eat she turned the corner and evily went in the direction of a gas station.
“If you tell me that we are eating at a gas station I’m running” I warned her making Krystal laugh.
“No, no” she said at last and pointed to a truck in front of the gas station. “Street vendors” she told me. “I love this one, they have rice cakes on a stick” she told me. “You have had rice cake right?” she asked me. I just nodded. Oh gosh, what was she going to make me try.
Sure enough they had more than rice cakes and Krystal and Ginny started handing me food on a stick to eat, there was several that were some kind of meat and some that were similar to the rice cake. My mouth was on fire by the end but I was completely full.
“Have you had bubble tea before?” Ginny asked me as she spoke in English.
“Once or twice in a Vietnamese restaurant but they aren’t that big in the states” I told her.
“We should go to the bubble tea shop” Krystal said.
“Bubbly” Miche said unenthusiastic ally.
“It is down the street” Krystal said.
When we got to the bubble tea shop there seemed to be crowd. It must have been a very popular place or had really good bubble tea. As we walked closer I noticed that it seemed to be all girls.
“There must be something going on” Krystal said as she looked around.
“What could it be?” I asked looking over at her.
“Do you want to skip bubble tea?” Krystal ask.
“I don’t care if there is famous person, I want bubbly” Miche said before she started to head between the crowd. I looked at Krystal who looked at Ginny who just shrugged.
“She’s fearless” I said before the three of us started to follow.
It turned out that none of the people crowding the store were actually inside, no they were all pressed against the glass screeching. Inside there was about four tables that had people and Miche who was at the front counter getting her bubble tea.
“Wonder what the fuss is” I said.
“Don’t look yet, but I think that is someone from BTS” Krystal whispered to me.
“Serious?” I questioned looking at her.
“What kind of bubble tea do you want?” Ginny asked.
I looked at the menu, there were so many choices I wasn’t sure which to choose.
“I wonder if Peach tea and strawberry boba’s would taste good” I said after seeing some of the flavors on the board. I was feeling fruity.
“That’s a good combination. I like strawberry and bubblegum” Krystal said. I nodded. We both ended up getting the flavors we thought of and Ginny got a combination of Milk tea and tapioca boba’s. It looked like a good choice too.
The three of us waited at the counter for our drinks. I turned so I could look out and saw the three guys who were sitting at a table with hats covering most of there faces.
“They sure do act like they are hiding in plain sight” I mumbled.
“It has to be hard for them” Ginny said. “I’m surprised you two are not fan girling it up” she added looking at us.
“Lena is a calm person and it is not the first time they have come here” Krystal told her sister.
“You stay calm in front of idol?” Ginny questioned me. I shrugged.
“For the most part. They are human after all. Now put me in a room with one of my bais, alone, I may flip out” I told her. “I’m not that controlled” I laughed. At that time my new phone started to ring surprising me.
“Someone calling you?” Krystal sounded surprised like how I was feeling. Who could be calling, I just had given this number to three people so far, Marly, Krystal and Him.
I answered hesitantly. A male voice was on the other line.
‘Have you settled in?’ he asked right away making me laugh.
“Yes, I have. In fact I’m out and about with Krystal and her roommates.” I told him. “Hey question what should I call you, outside of Him419. It’s a little strange to just continue calling you that” I questioned him. I heard him chuckle on the phone line.
“How about Him-chan, or Oppa” he finally said.
“Really” I laughed. “Alright fine Him- chan” I said pronouncing slowly. “So what are you up to?” I asked him as I picked my drink up off the counter and than following the girls towards a table.
“Eating. Have you eaten today?” he asked me.
“Yes. We just had food at a food truck” I told him.
“You ate more than a few bites?” he asked sounding more like a worried older brother than anything.
“Yes Oppa, I ate lots and now I’m having bubble tea” I told him. “See I can fend for myself” I said smuggling. It got a snort of laughter out of Krystal. “What is he making sure you can feed yourself?” she questioned.
“So are we going to get coffee together tomorrow?” I asked him.
“I have plans for the afternoon since I'm leaving for a few days. so it would be early in the morning” he told me.
“So, coffee early in the morning?” I asked. “Come on please?” I whined over the phone. It made him chuckle.
“I’ll send you the address to the place to meet” he told me. There was several people talking in the background and than I heard him talking to them in Korean.
“I have to get back to work” he told me. “See you tomorrow” he added.
“Bye Oppa” I said before hanging up.
“Was that him?” Krystal asked. There was several people staring at us, I realized looking around that I had sitting down at the table right next to BTS, not even realizing since I was on the phone.
“Yup. I’m meeting him for coffee tomorrow morning but than he has plans for the rest of the day. I think he said he was traveling for a couple days” I added remembering what he had written to me before I had left for Seoul. “So afternoon do you work or can we go exploring together?” I asked Krystal. She wasn’t staring at me for any of the conversation but looking over my shoulder.
“I work nine to three” she answered.
“Oh that’s right, hey what salon do you work at?” I asked her. Like myself Krystal was also a hairstylist. One of the many things we had in common.
“It’s a small place called Curlie Q” she told me.
“Curlie Q, that sounds like a fun name.” I told her. “Damn and I wanted to work at a boring hair salon” I sighed before taking a sip of my drink. It tasted amazing.
“What place?” Ginny asked.
“Mario Tricoci.” I told her. “I’m not sure if it’s out here but they have them all over the states” I added.
“So tell me about this guy you’ve been talking to” Krystal said changing the subject. Her focus was switching back and forth now.
“Him-chan? I’ve just been talking to him for the past couple months. I think he’s just a b.a.p fanboy.” I told her.
“Him-chan, that sounds like a cliche’ or sounds like Kim Himchan” Krystal said. I couldn’t help but laugh.
“That big baby who whines and than yells at me for not eating” I pointed out the two things I didn’t think the celeb would do but what Him-chan actually does. “If it is I will owe you twenty bucks and will color my hair purple” I told her.
“I want to color my hair purple, that be cool color” someone mumbled behind me. I turned to look who was talking. I eyed the one, blondie, who had spoken.
“You would look good with purple, maybe leave a couple blonde highlights that would mix it up” I told him at last. “By the way who are you?” I asked him squishing my face together as I tried to think of the name. The three of them laughed.
“Lena!” Krystal said.
“You sit talking about Idols and do not know us?” Blondie asked.
“Jin” he said his name.
“That’s it! I knew that!” I snapped my fingers as I thought of his than waved. “Hi!” I added. “And Suga and Namjoon?” I asked recognizing them at last.
“You have no fear” Namjoon said in English making me tilt my head in confusion.
“No fear?” I questioned.
“Talking, sitting by us” he added. I shrugged.
“I didn’t know I sat next to you” I told them honestly just as my phone went off again. It was Him-chan once more.
I had to contemplate for a moment, answer phone or talk to BTS members. At the moment it was a no brainier.
“So what are you doing in public?” I asked them.
“We can’t go out like normal people?” Jin questioned. I shrugged.
“Lena” Krystal whispered to me. Her nails were starting to dig into my arm as she held on like she was putting all her strength into squeezing my arm as she tried not to freak out.
“You can, just never thought in a million years I’d see the day” I said with a shrug. “But than again I’m visiting from america to see my oversea friends” I told them.
“American” Jin repeated.
“Ever been to Chicago?” I questioned. They thought for a long time.
“Hi I’m Krystal. I’m a big fan. Oh gosh I can’t believe I’m sitting so close to you guys. Oh my god I want to pet your head so much” Krystal burst!
She cracked down and was reduced to fangirl overload.
I face palmed, my face was in my hands. The three of them laughed, just one second they were talking and the next bent over the table laughing.
“Krystal” I groaned. I couldn’t believe it, but hey it was amazing she had lasted that long.
“You know you want to pet the hair too Lena” Krystal directed it back to me.
“I can refrain myself” I told her. “Sorry we don’t mean to be fangirl’s” I told them honestly.
“You are okay!” Namjoon gave an ok sign with his fingers.
“Home” Miche said all of a sudden standing up, “Bye” she added before turning and leaving, but not before bowing to all of us and than leaving. The three of us and the three members sat there staring at where Miche was for a moment.
“She’s weird” I broke the silence than smiled. “I like her” I added.
“That’s because you are weird” Krystal said.
“I’m following her home, come when finished” Ginny said standing up and leaving.
Oh they did not understand.
Jin, Suga, and Namjoon spoke for a moment in Korean before standing and wishing us well and telling us thanks for being fans. It had been a short moment but one in a lifetime.
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