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Ch. 18
Jimin was getting nervous, he was losing time, he wanted to win back YN’s heart, but with Yoongi in the way it makes it difficult. “Why did she have to meet up with him again.” “Why did she have to come back here?” These questions were running through his mind as he pushed his hair back with his fingers and bit his lip.
“Wait, they haven’t actually been “together” for long? Their relationship is still fairly new so it would be easy to cause a rift. If anything I know how YN feels about cheating from personal experience.” Jimin mumbles to himself his plan then an evil smirk crosses his face.
It was good to finally have some time with Yoongi. I was missing him more than I realized. I can’t wait for this festival to be over so we can go back to a normal life. Oh that reminds me, I’ll only be here for another 3 months after the festival, then it’s back to Seoul. I shake my head I don’t want to think about that. I’m just going to enjoy my time with Yoongi.
Because we haven’t seen each other lately lunch was filled with conversation and laughter.
“How is the practice going today at the venue?” Yoongi asks.
“It’s fine, we’re finished, actually I just finished practicing my two chosen songs when you picked me up.” I explain in between bites of my lettuce wrap. Yoongi looks at me, covering his mouth with his hand he starts to laugh. I look at him confused.
“You have some sauce on your face.” He pointed out, he took his finger and wiped it away and then licked his finger and then smiled at me. “Your so cute.” He said.
“Me? Cute? But I didn’t do anything.” I reply flustered.
“You have no idea how many fascial expressions you make throughout the day. What I get to see it’s always cute.” Yoongi replies.
I start to feel conscious of my actions. Do I really want him to focus on my cuteness or my sexiness? “Oh why am I thinking that way this is Yoongi of course he would find me cute and sexy at the same time, he’s known me since we were kids.” I think to myself as I try to motivate and change my thinking.
After lunch I drop Yoongi back at the venue. I text Jimin to see if he’s still here. I completely forgot about him. I was just too excited when Yoongi showed up. I’m sitting on a bench watching Yoongi talk to some people and work around the stage. I’m impressed with his professionalism, “my little Yoongi’s all grown up.” I mumble to myself. I felt my phone vibrate in my hand.
“Hey, YN I just got back to the venue, I had lunch with my boys. Where are you?” I just got a text from Jimin. I told him were I was and it didn’t take him long to find me.
“So ya think we’re done for the day?” Jimin asks. I nod my head.
“Sure, I believe so.” I reply. A smile comes across Jimin’s face as he grabs my hand and pulls me up and away heading towards his car. Yoongi notices Jimin dragging me away, but he can’t do anything at the moment he’s being bombarded by staff to make sure the festival is perfect.
Jimin opens the passenger side door. “Get in.” he says.
I get into his car, not really wanting to. “Where we going?” I ask but I don’t get a response just a smirk.
Jimin parks outside of a restaurant named New Saladdin.
“What’s this?” I ask. Jimin just gets out of the car and walks to the passenger side and opens my door. I step out.
“I thought I would treat you.” Jimin said as he shut the door. We walk into the restaurant.
“Do you have a reservation?” the host asks when he sees us approaching.
“Yes, Park Jimin plus one.” Jimin answers. The host found his name and showed us to our table. Jimin pulls out my chair and motions for me to sit down, I do what he wants surprised by his gentlemen act.
“Thank you.” I say as he walks over to sit across from me. Jimin orders some wine. I have to remind myself to keep myself from drinking too much.
When the wine comes Jimin pours a glass for me before he pours some for himself.
“I’d like to make a toast.” Jimin says, as we lift our glasses.
“First, I want to thank you for doing this festival with me, I’m glad we are able to work together.” Jimin said, he clears his throat before he continues.
“YN, I’m still in love with you. I know I hurt you, I don’t know why I did it, but please if you forgive me could we please try again. I need you, I miss you.” Jimin confessed he still had feelings for me. I look at him surprised by his confession.
“I’ll forgive you Jimin, but I can’t see us as anything else but just really good friends.” I explain to him. Jimin bows his head and he looks like he’s about to cry.
“Why? You don’t love me anymore?” Jimin asked. I lean back in my chair and give a sigh.
“Right, I’m in love with Yoongi. Honestly I’ve always been in love with Yoongi since we were kids.” I reply.
“Why did you come back here, where you looking for him all along? Why Daegu, you promised me.” Jimin said as tears started to fall on his face.
“I made that promise when we were together, you cheated on me remember. It doesn’t apply anymore.” I explain, I take another sip of wine and found I had actually downed the whole glass and I started to poor myself more. “Plus, it’s none of your business why I came to Daegu, but I wasn’t looking for him, I wasn’t even thinking of him until I ran into him.” I lied. I chugged another glass of wine, it seemed I chugged every glass I poured after answering Jimin’s questions, we didn’t even make it to dinner. He was still sober he hadn’t even touched his glass of wine except for maybe one sip.
I couldn’t walk, I had to lean on Jimin for support as we walked back to his car.
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Ohh boy! You went and got yourself drunk with Jimin!