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A quick Epilogue It's fluff.
Open narration Two years had gone by since Y/N and Yixing had started dating. On their one year anniversary, both Yixing and Y/N confirmed that they were seeing each other. The internet blew up with congratulations to Yixing. It was only inevitable to get a few nasty remarks from overly eccentric fans but Y/N didn't let it bother her. Since then, Jong-dae had started dating himself. He wasn't completely attached to the girls he was seeing just yet but his newest girlfriend Yoona seemed to be someone that even Y/N believed would stick around. They made a cute couple and he seemed to put more effort into seeing her than he did the last few girl friends. Yixing had released one solo album since their 2016 comeback, he'd done some variety shows and he had starred in a movie in which he got to play a killer. He recently went to China on business for his newest solo album and filming for his music video. Y/N and the guys were anxiously awaiting his return. Yixing's POV Yixing had already gotten off the plane and retrieved his luggage expecting to be greeted by Y/N. She told him she'd come pick him up without the boys since they had gotten busy writing songs again. Chanyeol was working on a new mixtape and from what Y/N had told him it was coming along well. She was impressed by both his and Sehun's voice, he was featured in at least two of his songs. They hadn't seen each other for a solid month and that was the longest they'd been away from each other since they started dating. She had sounded excited last night when they video chatted, all the guys interrupted them for a second to say hi and tease them a bit for being all lovely dovey. Minseok had told Yixing to come back home already because Y/N had been in a bad mood lately. She was kind of moody, going from happy to sad in a matter of seconds. It wasn't normal for her. She had been sick when he left and she was bummed that she couldn't see him off. That's why she was so excited and she said she'd come pick him up. She talked about taking him out to eat as well. That wasn't what he was thinking about though, he had told her when he'd get off the plane, his flight had been right on time and she was so picky about being punctual. So why was she late? He pulled his phone out of his pocket to call her but her phone went to voicemail after ringing for so long. He called her three times, she was never one to miss phone calls, especially form him, that damn phone was always attached to her. They had a fight about that once. He checked his voicemail seeing she'd called him while he was on the plane. "Hey I know you're probably still on the plane but I was just letting you know I'm on my way to airport. I'll be there soon, can't wait to see you Jagi. I love you." That was sent an hour and a half ago. If she left that early why wasn't she there meeting him now? Why wasn't she answering her phone? Yixing called Minseok and when he answered he said annoyed, "Hey Xiumin, is Y/N there?" "What? No she left a while ago to pick you up from the airport. At least that's where she said she was going." "She isn't here, do you have any idea where she is? Is Chen near by, ask him if he's seen her." "Okay hold on." Yixing heard Minseok walking and then the sound of a door opening. He must've walked into their room and at the wrong time because he could hear Minseok apologize. Minseok got back on the phone and said, "Sorry Lay but Chen hasn't seen or heard from her either since she left. You called her phone right?" "Yes but she's not answering. I'm getting worried Minseok she's never not near that phone and she's always on time. Where the hell could she be?" Minseok sighed, "I don't know Yixing. Look I'll get Suho and Chanyeol to drive up to the airport and pick you up and me and the others will try and figure out what's going on." "Alright keep me updated." They hung up the phone and Yixing made his way to an enclosed area with his bodyguard following closely behind. He sat down thinking what could've happened. 'Damn it I was going to ask her tonight.' he thought. Minseok's POV After hanging up the phone, Minseok headed to Chanyeol's room. Sehun, Jongin Chanyeol and Baekhyun were sitting in the room talking. "Hey have any of you talked to Y/N since she left to pick up Yixing?" The guys shook their head, "The love birds probably went back to her place for a little fun." Baekhyun said. Minseok shook his head, "No, she never showed up." "What, that's not like her. Did they get into an argument or something?" Jongin asked. "She has been a bit hard to approach lately." Chanyeol added. Minseok shook his head, "No, moody or not she would've shown up. Plus she's not answering her phone. I've called her twice already. Yixing's called her too and she hasn't answered. I'm worried something happened to her. Chanyeol can you and Suho go pick up Yixing I told him I'd send you. Jongin, Sehun you two go to her house see if she's there. I'll check the other places she may have gone." "I don't think you need to hyung."Sehun said. "Why not?" "A lot of fans are retweeting about seeing Y/N being taken away in an ambulance after she seemingly collapsed." he answered showing Minseok the photo. Y/N's POV You woke up in the hospital bed with no idea how you got there. The last thing you remembered was staring down at your fathers head stone talking to him about your relationship with Yixing. You started walking off to go back to your car and pick him up when the ground seemed to have started moving. All of a sudden everything went black. You looked to the door seeing it open with your mother and brother following the doctor inside. "Joon, mom what's going on?" You asked. "Do you remember what happened?" The doctor asked. "I remember passing out but I don't know why." "We're running some tests now." "Uh, damn I was supposed to pick Yixing up from the airport a long time ago." You said looking at the clock. As if on cue Yixing and the guys came filling in the room yelling, "Y/N!" Yixing came over and kissed you, the relief that he'd found you and that you were seemingly okay was clear through his kisses. He kissed you long and hard not caring that there were people around. "Lay there's people in the room." "They can look away." he whispered against your lips. You laughed and gently pushed him away. "Are you alright, is she alright?" He turned to ask the doctor. The doctor smiled, "We're still running tests to find out what caused her to faint; I'll be back with the results shortly." You two nodded and you thanked the doctor before he walked out. Minseok and Jong-dae came up to hug you. Baekhyun was making jokes, your mother was by your side running her hand through your hair to comfort you. Chanyeol, Sehun and Junmyeon announced they were going to get a snack real quick. Jongin went back and forth between texting Krystal and talking to you. Yixing had been talking to your brother but he'd kept his eyes on you. After another thriry minutes, the doctor returned to the room with the test results. "Well it looks like there's nothing serious so we can release you today. However, there is some news that I have for you but I feel it should be discussed in private." "Yeah okay." You said curious. Everyone left the room, Yixing was the last one out he gave you a smile before he closed the door. "So what's going on?" you asked. "While everything did come back normal and it appeared you were just over exhausted and fainted, we happened to have ran one more test... A pregnancy test." Your heart fluttered, "You were here before because you felt sick remember. You spoke with a different doctor but he mentioned that perhaps we should run one." "Wait so what are you telling me?" "Congratulations miss Y/N you're pregnant. Six weeks along." You looked at him shocked, he gave you a little smile and left you to collect your thoughts. you decided to get dressed but asked if he could send Yixing back into the room. You were putting your shirt back on when the knock came at the door. "Come in " you said. Yixing walked in and closed the door behind you. He looked cautious like he was preparing himself to hear some bad news. You smiled and took his hands in yours and looked him in the eye. "Y/N what's going on? What did the doctor tell you?" "I have some pretty big news, um....Y-yixing I'm...Uh." He cupped your cheek leaning down to look you better in the eyes. "What is it babe?" "How would you feel about a mini version of you or me running around?" "A mini you or me? I don't understand.... are you..." he placed a hand on your stomach, "Y/N are you....pregnant?" you nodded, "Six weeks." "Wait so when you were sick when I left, the mood swings? Oh my goodness." He picked you up and kissed you. He kissed you hard, for a moment you thought he was going to strip you down, "Yixing not here." you said against his lips. "I know, but you're mine when we get home." He put you down and grabbed your hand so you two could walk out hand and hand. "I knew you looked prettier for some reason." he said. "Stop making me blush." You said smiling. The guys and your mother and brother stood up asking what happened. You looked at Yixing to see if you should say anything but he just shrugged leaving the decision to you. You put your hand on your stomach and said, "You know how you guys nicknamed me Eomma?" They all nodded then looked at your hand, "Well looks like it won't just be a nickname anymore." The guys freaked out, they all came to you hugging you and screaming, mostly Chanyeol and Baekhyun. Minseok moved them out of the way so he could hug you properly and Jong-dae gave you the biggest smile in the world. He hugged you much longer than the others did and whispered in your ear, "I'm so happy for you two, that kids gonna be the cutest thing in the world." "Thank you Chen." you laughed. Your mom and brother congratulated you and gave you hugs before Yixing grabbed your hand and said, "We have to go. I have a reservation." You laughed at his eagerness to get away. You thought it was to go and have some fun but he was talking about the actual reservation at the restaurant. Your usual waiter took you guys to your usual room and brought you your drinks. "Man I'm going to get fat too." You said looking down at your stomach. "You'll still look beautiful. Besides you can still work out during a pregnancy, I can work out with you, I'll make sure you don't over do it." "Yeah! Thank you." You beamed making him laugh. "Listen Y/N, I've been meaning to ask you something for a while now. After coming back from China, I finally figured out how to ask you." "Ask me what?" You said taking a sip of your drink. He stood up and your eyes followed him. He grabbed your hand and walked you away from the table. He spun you around so that your back was pressed against his body. He told you to close your eyes even though you felt his hand cover them. He made your hands touch something, it was small and felt like velvet. The warm sensation of his body on yours now invited cool air. He told you to open your eyes and he was now standing in front of you. Your hands held an open black box with a diamond ring sparkling back at you like it was trying to say hi. Your eyes widened and you could feel the tears build up as you looked at him in awe. He was smiling and said, "Will you marry me?" "Yes. Yes of course you silly man." you said before kissing him. He pulled back for a second to place the ring on your finger and then pulled you close to him so he could kiss you. This time a sweet and soft kiss, one that wouldn't ignite the urge for him to undress you. That he was saving for later. Right now he was taking in the fact that you had agreed to become his wife. He let his lips hover over yours as his voice said in a low whisper, "I love you Forever and always... You're all mine."
Alright now everything really has come to an end. I'm think about another fanfiction that's gonna be action/ romance sense I'm actually better at writing action or fantasy type stuff and using romance as a sub plot. It will be with Exo and I'll be using their powers in the story, it was inspired after watching the lucky one and monster MV for about hundred plus times. Thanks again for reading! Tag List: @jaysbae13 @kpossible4250 @griseldazenger @elishafisher @JessicaEvaristo @emilycayetano @Tiffany1922
@QueenLee thank you!
@BabydollBre any time and I can't wait to read the next stoey
I feel like this shouldn't end!!!! I loved it!!!!
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