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Ch.8 Title: Missed Her Daeyong pov. SHE'S WHAT! I THINK SHES MISSING Please tell me this is a joke jimin said with a worried tone. I'm sorry but I don't think so Sunlee pov. I woke up in a dark room and saw this lady coming towards me with a bat. So looked like kiyong. The lady got closer and I notice that it was kiyong. So your awake now? She said in a cocky tone. Yeah I said in a thug tone. Look bitch u better get away from my Jimin oppa or esle Or esle what? I said in a cocky tone. I'll tell my brother and these other guys to rape you. Bitch please those guys look like there 12. And who are you to tell me what to do plus how old are you? She just looked at me and then hit me in the stomach I slowly knock out. Kiyong pov. Huh that bitch thinks she's the boss of me but she ain't. What does jimin oppa see in her? I'm way better than her right? Jimin pov. I Hunged up the phone with daeyong and called the police right away. After 4 minutes of explaining what happened I went out and to go find sunlee. Soon enough the police arrived and we went searching. Sunlee pov. I had woken up and heard screming my name. I clearly knew it was jimin. I was also screaming jimin name. He screamed my name one more time and he walked in the room I was in. He saw me and ran towards me but then we saw kiyong walked in and jimin questioned her. After their argument kiyong pull a knife out but the police came in. They told her to put her hands up and drop the weapon. And so she did. They soon left with her and jimin untied me and hugged me. I notice that he started crying. Are you okay Yeh I was scared. I was scared i wouldn't be able to see you again. Oh it okay I'm here now. We soon let go and I saw daeyong walk in with a smile. Yah are you okay. Yeah. Oh okay good your safe I'll go talk with kiyong my little sister. WAIT WAIT WAIT WHAT! SHES YOUR SISTER! Yeah I thought you knew that already. No I didn't Wow good job sunlee on remembering my sister. =_= So after all that we went home and I went to go take a shower. I soon got out of the shower and saw a text on my screen and it said it not over yet just wait. I put my phone down and try to not think of it. I soon got dress and went to sleep. Jimin pov. So I went into my room and saw sunlee phone. I pick it up to charge it but I turned it on. Their was a text on it that said it's not over yet just waiting I looked at the phone number and saw that it was kiyong phone number. Man I gotta protect sunlee at all times now. Why does kiyong always do this to me even before I started dating kiyong. Man good thing she's my ex now. After I charged sunlee phone I seen a text pop up on her phone and it said you and jimin wedding is 3 weeks from now - mom So our wedding is going to be 3weeks from now Okay. So tomorrow sunlee going wedding dress shopping. I got the same text on my phone and it was from sunlee mom. After I plugged my phone in I went and lied down next to sunlee. Man I miss her next to me. It felt like a million years since I last felt her presence in the bed. She turned around and we were face to face I kept starting and smile at her until I fell asleep.