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Ch. 19
Jimin’s POV
I didn’t expect her to drink that much, hell I didn’t expect to have an argument either. “Just great Jimin, is anything ever going to go right with her?” I scold myself. I pick her up and head to my car. “I’m glad I only had a sip of wine. Why did she drink so much do I make her that angry?” I thought to myself.
“Hey, Jimin, let’s go for round two.” YN slurs her words at me and holds onto my shoulder for dear life. I chuckle at her.
“Um, I think you need to get home, no round two this time, but if your good I promise to take you out again and we will do a round two.” I said to her, YN just smiles and giggles. I place her in the car and buckle her up. Our faces are too close to each other. I look at her as her eyes are open and looking at me.
“Why?” she asked me. “Why did you break my heart?” she asks as tears run down her cheeks, I wipe them away.
“I don’t know why, I didn’t mean to, I promised myself I wouldn’t ever hurt you and I did. I’m so sorry YN, I want to fix it.” I reply to her. I cup her face in my hands using my thumbs to wipe away her tears, I lean in for a passionate kiss, only to be quickly pushed away by her.
“What are you doing Jimin!” she screamed. With that I move away and shut the door to the passenger side. I walk over to the driver’s side and get into the car. I head to her house. She sleeps the whole time. Her hand is resting on her thigh; I reach over to hold it and intertwine our fingers. I hold her hand like this until we reach her house.
We finally reach her house. I get out of my car and walk to her opening her door and carefully pulling her out, I carry her bridal style to the door. When I reached the door I didn’t think about getting her house keys out first. I try to wake her up.
“YN, hey YN wake up, I need your house keys.” I tell her, but all she does is moan. How I wish she wouldn’t make those types of noises around me, brings back memories and all I want to do is create more memories with her. I try one more time to wake her up, she stirs and opens her eyes this time.
“Hey Chim Chim.” YN says with a smile and wraps her arms around my neck hugging me. I stand there for a moment because I don’t want to let go of this moment, but my arms are getting tired and I need to set her down.
“Where’s your keys YN?” I ask.
“The door is unlocked.” She replies. I look at her and then back at the door. I reach for the knob and sure enough the house was unlocked. I must remind her not to do that when she’s away. It’s dangerous. I walk in and kick the door close with my foot.
Yoongi’s POV
I was taking my nightly walk, I was turning the corner in front of YN’s house when I saw her and Jimin. “Why is he holding her like that?” I thought to myself at that moment he opened the door and went inside.
“Why was she with Jimin? Did they have dinner?” I ask myself. I pulled my phone from my pocket, the last text I got from her was about lunch. I didn’t realize that we hadn’t texted or even called each other again after that.
I push the send call button, and I wait for an answer. But she never answered, I kept getting her voice mail. Finally, I just walked away to my house, I had an evening song to play. When I got home I really wasn’t in the mood to play a song, so I didn’t. It’s the first time every that a song hasn’t been played for the evening. But I was upset and didn’t care. “How could she get drunk, I’m sure he let her drink wine. I wonder if he knew what happens to her when she drinks wine? I bet he did this on purpose to take advantage of her, maybe I should go over there.” All these questions were filling up my mind. I was about to run out the door to her house when my phone vibrates.
“Hey baby, I’m sorry but I can’t come over for the song tonight. I don’t feel well.” End text. I scoff and chuckle at her text message.
“Seriously YN, yeah I bet you don’t feel good, and I bet Jimin is taking good care of you.” I say outload. For some reason my cheeks are wet, I rub it away only to find my eyes are watering. “I must have something in my eye. I don’t cry.” I said out loud. I throw my phone on the couch and walk to my room slamming my door.
“I love you Yoongi.” End text.
I wake up with a severe headache and I feel like throwing up. I sit up in my bed placing my index and middle fingers on my temples and I start massaging them. I notice I’m wearing just a t-shirt and my panties. “I don’t remember taking my clothes off. What exactly happened last night?” I ask myself.
I get out of bed, to find someone sleeping on the couch at the foot of the bed. I walk over wrapped up in a blanket, for a moment I thought it was Yoongi.
“Yoongi why are- “I stop when I noticed it wasn’t Yoongi, but it was Jimin. I put my hand to my mouth in shock. “What is he doing here?” I mumble. “OMG, did we do something?” I look around the floor and see my shoes and clothes were on the floor. I quickly run to the bathroom.
“AHH, no way, no, I woke up with my panties on and a shirt, he just undressed me. OMG Jimin undressed me!” I calm myself down and head back to my bedroom. Jimin is still sleeping on the couch. I walk over to him and kick him in the leg.
“Hey get up, wake up Jimin.” I shout at him, Jimin starts to stir, he opens his eyes and smiles at me.
“Can you please tell me what you’re doing in my bedroom Park Jimin?” I ask sternly. Jimin stretches and moans before he answers my question.
“I brought you home, you were passed out drunk. I didn’t know wine made you pass out cold like that.” Jimin admitted.
“Yeah, sadly it does I go into a coma.” I explain. Jimin just rubs his neck and scratches his head.
“How are you feeling?” he asks.
“I’m fine, other than the fact you’re in my house and I’m half naked. I thought we had done something.” I explain. At this point Jimin stands up and gets close to me.
“Who said we didn’t do anything; you weren’t completely out of it. You wanted to go for a second round.” Jimin explains my behavior to me last night and I thought I would die.
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