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//this sign means there speaking in there head// Ch.9 Title: Shopping For The Wedding Sunlee pov. I had woken up from a loud bang on the floor. And guess what jimin had now just fell of the bed. But he didn't notice it. Wow I got off the bed and started tapping him. Jimin I said quietly. Nothing didn't even move. Jimin oppa I said cutely and quietly. He opened one eye and looked at me. Yah jimin your on the floor. I know. What do you mean you know? I did it on purpose to see if you would call me oppa and it worked and it did. Whatever dude. Babe //Crap why am I blushing so hard right now.// Huh I Love You Me too //Blushing really hard right now// So I went to the bathroom and took a shower came out and changed really quick dried my hair. My phone started ringing and it was my mom calling. Hello Sunlee~ah Ne eomma We have to go shopping for your wedding dress today. Really! Okay when are we going? Right now I'm outside? Oh really okay I'm coming out right now! Okay Yah where are you going?-jimin With my mom I'll be back later okay! Okay be safe babe Okay. I got outside and locked the door and got into the car. ~Small Talk With Mom~ Sunlee! Neh eomma When are you going to have kids I want a grandchild! EOMMA! Why would you ask me that right now! It's I'm to young to have a kid. Okay Okay I'll wait. ~~~At the wedding dress shop~~~ I enter the shop with my mom. Sunlee? I look over and it was my best friend hyoin. Hyoin unnie annyeong! I walked up to her and hugged her. OMG it's been so long since I last seen you. Yeah I know! What are you doing at my shop? This is your shop? Yeah! Oh I'm here because im getting married in 3 weeks. OMG! Your getting married and you didn't even tell me. Sorry you change your phone number on me so. Oh sorry. It's okay you can come to the wedding. Okay Here help me find a wedding dress. Okay. Me and hyoin was going around the shop until I found 4 dresses I like. 1st dress: It was a mermaid dress, that had lace on the top to the bottom, it's a sweetheart neck line 2nd Dress: it was a mermaid gown,the color was white and a tiny bit of gold,had lace and diamonds around it. 3rd dress: this dress was a a-line dress, it has a sweetheart neckline,lace on the side top,all around the middle and bottom. 4th dress: a-line dress, sweetheart neckline,lace on the top middle and bottom, has a bling up belt around the waist. I couldn't choose so I just told mom if we can come back next week and she said yeah. I hugged hyoin and she gave me her phone number. On the way home I kept on thinking about what my mom said. Am I too young?//yep you are// Well I answer my own question. Huh I'm actually getting married to Park Jimin! Sunlee can you come with me after work tomorrow? Sure! Eomma can you drop me off at my work place? Yeah Jimin pov. So I'm going off to work I'm in the car with my manger. I just got a text from rap Mon saying that suga fell asleep again. Oh boy. So I logged in one of my app that has the group chat. ~BTS group chat~ RM: Yoongi won't wake up! JK: why are you in the room with him anyways? RM: Because I want too! JK: okay you don't have to yell I can hear you from over here! JH: PARK JIMIN!!! JM: what! JH: HOW COULD YOU! JM: WHAT DID I DO? JH: YOU ATE MY LAST ICE CREAM! JM: ....BRUH I exit my app and started texting sunlee JM: yebo where are you? SL❤: I'm at work. JM: wow can't believe you answered that part. SL❤: YAH WHY ARE YOU CALLING ME YEBO! JM: Because I want to! SL❤: Whatever! Did you go find a tux yet? JM: yeah I went out when you and your mom went somewhere. SL❤: that's good at least. JM: are you working on your new album? SL❤: yeah it's done I just have to figure out the cover for it and the box case. JM: okay good luck bae! SL❤: Jimin! Neh hyung You know u didn't have to come to work the rest of then aren't even here. ...OMG...well then can you take me home. Yeah I arrived home and there was a letter on the table. I opened it up and it was a letter from kiyong and it said. You better be careful sunlee or your baby will get hurt! Wait..wait..wait hold up is sunlee pregnant? I mean I seen her go to the bathroom and started throwing up in the morning. I just thought she was sick. I'll ask her later. //Is she pregnant?// ----------- AN Okay so I had an idea of you guys picking out sunlee wedding dress and just leave it in the comments below which one got the most votes will be chosen. Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter!
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I personally like #3 the best <3