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What's up guys. It's been awhile but we're finally back. We're introducing Jaeho next!! Basic Facts: Real Name: 김재호 Kim, Jae-Ho Stage Name: Jaeho Birthday: September 17, 1992 Position: Vocalist, Rapper

In HISTORY, He says he is in charge of coolness, cuteness, handsome, angelic, rap, and vocal…(way too much).

He is very confident that he can beat anyone in adapting to anything, no matter how weird or unusual!!! Very cocky!

To relieve stress, He sings like crazy and work out.

Check out this "Might Just Die" focus performance on Jaeho.
I hoped you enjoyed this little introduction.

Is He Your Bias? Let Me Know!!

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He and Yijeong are my wreckers.. gracious... love!!!
A bias wrecker for me if I ever saw one. Cute, cool, sexy and funny? The man's a threat.
I don't care what anyone says he's such a cute and adorable and lovable human being!
I love that focus performance video. TBH all members of History are my bias. Is that wrong to have so many in one group? 😯
@MelissaGarza not at all