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Ch. 20
My face is in shock with Jimin’s reply to my question. I had to work hard today to remember what happened otherwise it would drive me crazy thinking I cheated with Jimin.
I quickly go to my closet and pull out my clothes and rush into the bathroom. I take a shower and get dressed. While I was brushing my teeth, I remembered I left my phone in the room. “I’ll have to check it to make sure I don’t have any missed calls from Yoongi.” I said to myself.
I open the bathroom door to the smell of breakfast. Sausages, eggs, and toast. My stomach beings to rumble. I look for my phone trying to ignore the fact I’m hungry. I find my phone on the floor under my bed. I pick it up and check for any messages.
Five missed calls, and there are no calls or messages from Yoongi. I had texted him but he didn’t respond. “I hope he’s okay?” I thought to myself.
I put my phone in my pocket, and head to the kitchen. I see Jimin cooking and he’s singing happily with no care in the world. I wanted to punch him for that, while I’m thinking the worst happened and he’s just acting like it’s no big deal. I walk over to grab some toast and then sit down at the counter.
“Feel better after a shower?” Jimin asked as he turned around and places the food on a plate. I nod my head.
“Yeah, I think my stomach can only handle the toast though.” I reply. Jimin’s face dropped from a smile into a frown and a pout.
“Awe, after I went to all this trouble to make you a good breakfast.” Jimin said pouting again. I look up at him.
“I’m sorry.” I reply. Jimin just shrugs his shoulders.
“It’s okay, I’m starving so I’ll eat most of it, if not all of it.” Jimin said with a fake smile, trying to hide that his feelings were hurt. After all he was trying to be kind.
I finish my toast and grab my wallet and keys. “I’m going to leave first, take a shower if you want or just leave whenever you’re ready.” I said as I placed my plate in the sink. I walk quickly out and shut the door.
Once outside I take a deep breath, I couldn’t believe how suffocating I felt in there with Jimin. Nothing like when I’m with Yoongi. “Yoongi!” I quickly run down to his house and after reaching the door, I wait to catch my breath. After a minute I’m calm and I take a deep breath blowing it out harshly. I knock on Yoongi’s door. I wait for a moment, no response. I look and see his car is here so he must be home, unless he’s gone for a walk? I knock again and waited, no response.
I look through the window and it’s dark inside his house so I figured he had gone for a walk and leave to go find him.
Yoongi’s POV
I was about to open my door when someone knocked. I looked through the keyhole and see it’s YN. I was about to open the door when a flashback of last night popped into my head. “Jimin carrying YN into her house.” I shook my head to get rid of the thought as my grip on the knob tightened. I see her looking through the window and I press myself against the door so she couldn’t see me. I’m not sure why I was hiding, I’m not sure why I didn’t want to see her, because I missed her terribly. But I was afraid if I saw her now, I would say something and regret it. I needed to get my thoughts in order before questioning her. I had to remember I trusted her, Jimin was the one I didn’t trust.
She eventually leaves and after a few minutes I open my door and get into my car. I’m going to the venue to catch up on some last minute work for the festival. I’m sure I’ll see her and Jimin there later, maybe by then I’ll have calmed down and get answers.
As I drive, out of the corner of my eye I see YN walking back, she’s looking down holding her arms, she looks upset. I wanted to stop but I didn’t.
I walked for a while, I couldn’t find Yoongi, so I went back to his house and as I was about to enter his gate I saw that his car was gone. “So he was home? Why didn’t he answer the door?” I asked out loud. I pull my phone from my pocket, no messages from Yoongi so I try calling him. I don’t get an answer. I text him.
“Hey, I’m looking for you where are you let’s meet.” End text. I waited as I walked back to my house. Before I enter my house I check my phone, no response. I put my phone back into my pocket. I open the door and enter the house. As I walk through in a daze I notice someone siting at my piano, at first I think of Yoongi, but then he turns around and it’s Jimin.
“Welcome back.” Jimin said. I plop myself on the couch. Jimin gets up and walks over to me sitting in front of me on the coffee table.
“You okay?” Jimin asks.
“No, I’m not okay, I can’t get a hold of Yoongi.” I reply. Jimin just sits there and crosses his arms over his chest.
“I’m sure he’ll contact you later, or you’ll see him when we go to the venue to practice.” Jimin responds. My eyes shot open of course duh why didn’t I think of that, Yoongi is probably at the venue. I shoot up off the couch.
“Let’s go to the venue.” I said. I grab Jimin’s arm and head out the door.
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