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Ch. 22
I’m about to head out, I couldn’t stand being there anymore. As I’m about to walk away from the stage I hear someone playing the piano. I recognize the song immediately, it’s Endless Love. I look over at the piano to see Yoongi sitting there playing the piece. I am shocked to see him. “Where was he when I needed him?” “It was just so simple, but he doesn’t show until now?” I ask myself. I’m mad at him for showing up now.
Yoongi’s POV
I tried to get there but things just weren’t working out for me, I had to pick up a gift. I had planned to give YN after the festival was over. So I rushed home to grab it. I was late, her set was about to start. When I finally reach the venue and I’m heading towards the stage I see YN walk towards the piano I see her wipe tears away from her face. “Damn it, I’m late.” I was about to go up the steps to the other piano when I see someone else sitting there. “Who’s that?” I asked the staff member next to the stage.
“Oh that’s Jungkook from BTS, he’s one of Jimin’s friends.” He explains. I nod my head. I watch from the side as she plays Mozart’s Sonata for two pianos. I knew she meant this duet for me. I can’t believe I was late. After they finished and walked off the stage I quickly run up and sit at Jungkook’s piano.
I start playing Endless Love, I had planned on playing this anyway for her, I just hope she hears it and watches me and comes to me when it’s over. I keep watching the side of the stage where she exited from but I didn’t see her. I look away for a moment and when I look back up towards the right exit I see her. I smile at her; I watch her as I play my song. I don’t see anything on her face, I can’t read her. The song is about over when I look down to finish it and look back up again I see she’s gone. “Where did she go?” I ask myself.
I get up from the piano, bow and quickly run off the stage to find her. I ask the staff if they’ve seen her and I didn’t get much help from them. I run over to the other side of the stage and ask them.
“Yeah she just left a few minutes ago.” They respond. I thank them and quickly run to the parking lot. Hoping to see her along the way but I wasn’t so lucky. I run into Jimin instead.
“Hello Yoongi.” Jimin said as he steps out from his hiding place.
“Hi, where’s YN?” I ask. Jimin just smiles.
“She’s with me. We are heading back to Seoul. Her parents already took her.” Jimin explains. I’m surprised at Jimin’s response.
“Why, why is she going back to Seoul?” I ask. Jimin shrugs his shoulders.
“I’m not sure what her reason is, but she said she wanted to go home. And she wasn’t talking about Daegu.” Jimin replies to my question with a smirk on his face. It was annoying me so I punch him.
“Did you have to come here; did you have to find her?” I ask Jimin, Jimin touches his face before he answers he stands back up and punches Yoongi.
“Yes I did have to find her, I had to apologize for being a stupid prick for cheating on her, for hurting her. I want her back, I’m still in love with her.” Jimin replies to my question.
“So is that why you got her drunk and took advantage of her the other night, yeah you really love her Jimin.” I say, Jimin looks at me confused for a moment and then like a light bulb coming on he gets it.
“I didn’t take advantage of her, Yoongi. Believe me I wanted to, but nothing happened. She kept calling out for you.” Jimin replies. My face turns from angry to surprise in seconds.
“You didn’t do anything with her?” I ask. Jimin shakes his head no.
“I knew wine can make her sleepy, but I didn’t know wine made her that bad, it surprised me, I took her home after dinner I just wanted to treat her and thank her for doing the festival with me. And see if I could have a chance with her, but she clearly turned me down. All she could think or talk about was you.” Jimin laughs at himself. “She changed the song to Mozart’s Sonata for two pianos because she wanted to do a duet with you. She wanted to share the stage with you, not me.”
“Okay, but- “I trail off, Jimin puts his hand to my face.
“When we were together I brought up that I wanted to do a duet with her and shout to the world my love for her and that she was mine, but that never happened. Now she wants that with you.” Jimin explains.
“Do you have her parents address in Seoul?” I ask Jimin. Jimin lets out a sigh and nods his head yes. I hand him my phone and he types in the address.
“Thanks.” I say and Jimin just nods.
“Be good to her, or I’ll kill you.” Jimin said as I was about to leave, I look at him.
“I’ve loved her my whole life why wouldn’t I.” I replied.
Jimin’s POV
I walk over to Tae, my head down. Tae puts his arm across my shoulders.
“I’m sorry bro, I know it hurts to let the one you love go, but it’s for the best ya know.” Tae tries to cheer me up. I look at him and give him a fake smile.
“Maybe we can be friends at least right, she’ll still be by my side, just not the way I want.” I said. Tae pats my shoulder and nods his head.
“That’s better than not having her at all right?” Tae asks. I nod my head in agreement, but it still hurt like hell, my heart was breaking. There will be no one ever to replace her.
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